SpellBrite signage is perfect for restaurant signs, store signs, business signs, or any custom message.

A bright, safe, high-quality custom neon or LED sign can be a great investment no matter what type of business you own. The right custom sign can provide an impactful and professional way to advertise products, showcase your business’s personality and brand identity, and add a pop of color to your storefront or interior décor. 

However, not all LED and neon signs are the same. There is a wide range in quality and cost across different sign companies.

Remember the two key elements of a sign that most business owners need:

  1. It must shine bright enough to be highly visible not only at night, but also during the day. The daylight hours represent the majority of most businesses’ operating hours, so it’s important to capitalize on them.
  2. It must last longer than a year or two. For most business owners, having to repair or replace a short-lived sign is a costly, time-consuming distraction from running the business or simply having free time to spend with family and friends.

While the sticker price on a high-quality sign can be intimidating, it is also a valuable investment. For example, many of our customers tell us their SpellBrite sign paid for itself in a few days or weeks. Furthermore, a high-quality sign that can stand out to customers 24 hours a day every day for ten years will have a greater positive impact on your business than a cheaper sign that either doesn’t work, breaks and needs replacing too soon, or has a cheap appearance that reflects poorly on your business. Nobody wants to shell out hundreds of dollars for a business sign that’s not up to the job.

How to determine quality signs:

With tens of thousands of different sign companies and retailers claiming their signs are the best, it can be overwhelming to know how to tell which companies are actually selling high-quality products that last, which are scams, and which fall somewhere in between. Many signs available for purchase are not certified or tested for quality, leaving you at risk of wasting money on a low-quality sign. This is especially true when dealing with sellers on third party sites like Amazon and Etsy. Since signs run on electricity, this becomes more than just an issue of how long signs will last: it can be a safety issue for you and your customers as well.

Knowing what to keep an eye out for when you’re purchasing a new custom LED or neon sign can help. Below, you can find a comprehensive overview of how to research and investigate the quality of a sign to help you get the most for your money. From safety and quality ratings to waterproofing to the best practices in sleuthing out a scam, these tips and tricks will help guide you toward a long-lasting sign that will attract new customers and increase your sales.

If You Want a Bright Sign, Avoid This

If brightness is an important criteria for you, like it is for many business owners, you will want to avoid edge lit signs. Edge lit signs are just what the name suggests: a piece of glass or clear acrylic etched with a message or image. A light source, often LEDs, are on the edge of the glass or acrylic and light up the etching. This sort of sign can be aesthetically beautiful and relatively inexpensive, and they are useful for certain applications, particularly in low-light, interior applications. However, that aesthetic value comes at a cost: even a high-quality edge lit sign doesn’t project much light. Edge lit signs are not designed to be in a window shouting out a message to potential customers. If you are looking for a bright sign, you will likely be disappointed with an edge lit sign.

Product Certifications, Quality & Safety

Technical design, the components used, and the manufacturing process determine the quality of a sign. Taking shortcuts in any of these will lead to a poor quality sign that disappoints immediately or over time. As an example, a manufacturer can use lower quality LEDs to cut costs, but “overdrive” them electronically to make them extremely bright initially. However, overdriving LEDs significantly shortens their life. The sign may look great when you first turn it on, but soon the LEDs will dim, and your sign will not be bright enough to attract anyone’s attention.

Companies that manufacture long-lasting, quality signs will make the investment to have them certified (generally under the UL certification in the United States, and the CE certification in Europe). For a well-made product, obtaining UL and other certifications is not incredibly time consuming or expensive. While a UL rating is not a guarantee of high quality, the lack of a rating should be seen as a red flag.

Beyond showing a sign’s quality, these certifications also attest to its safety. Because neon and LED signs run on electricity, safety ratings help regulate what signs are in the market. Generally, if a sign company has successfully met or exceeded the requirements for these certifications, they will publish that information somewhere on their website. If you don’t explicitly see these ratings, you can always reach out directly to the seller to inquire – if they are legitimate, they should know and be able to respond.

What is a UL Rating?

Notice a tiny “UL” enclosed in a circle on your sign?

UL designation

This means that UL, or the Underwriters Laboratories (non-profit testing laboratories dedicated to accurately and consistently testing product quality) have evaluated the product and found it to meet or exceed their requirements for fire and electrical safety. The UL rating is applicable in the United States. This mark is another sign of a legitimate product that has passed a series of safety and function testing performed by a reputable source.

It’s important to note that UL is an individual company and, outside of granting a UL certification, UL has no say on whether or not production of a product should be approved or rejected. Only governmental agencies like the FDA are able to legally prevent production based on their own research, though even these agencies may incorporate UL’s testing into their own assessments.

There are dozens of individual certifications under the “UL” umbrella. In the case of checking for safety regulations on your sign, the most important factor is whether it is UL listed. Products that are UL listed will have a UL label (see above). To earn a UL label, the Underwriter’s Laboratory tests the standalone product to confirm that it is made of a high enough quality to meet or exceed nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. Beyond these, a UL listing also confirms that UL has found the sign to be free from a “reasonably foreseeable” risk of fire.

UL Rating should be for both product and its power supply

If you don’t see a UL rating, that doesn’t necessarily mean the sign in question is unsafe. Some companies may use different certifications to achieve the same end goal, like the CE certification discussed below. Although UL certifications are the most common for lighting fixtures, including LED and neon signs and lighting fixtures, an ETL label (Electrical Testing Labs) is also a nationally recognized mark of safety and quality. CSA (Canadian Standards Association) is another, also recognized in the US and beyond.

A UL label doesn’t mean the sign is 100% safe. Sometimes, companies will manipulate what part of their sign is UL listed. Most signs will have multiple electrical components, and each one must go through the UL certification process independently in order for the entire signage system to be listed.

Is your entire sign UL rated?

In some cases, companies will vaguely state “UL rated” when only the power supply, not the actual sign, is UL listed. You should always check to see if the sign itself has a UL listing and not just its power cord or adapter. For example, for our products, both the sign itself (left) and the power cord (right) are UL certified, so both bear the UL label.       

o	Image of UL designation on SpellBrite’s neon-like LED signs’ endcap  (Quality Check)    o	Image of UL designation on SpellBrite’s neon-like LED signs’ power supply (Quality Check)

If you’re not sure if a sign is UL rated, you can quickly and easily search the company name in the UL database, found here. This database features every single manufactured product that is UL certified, giving you the power to fact-check sign companies’ claims and ensure that your sign is safe. Additionally, the UL database indicates which items produced by the company are UL certified. If only the power supply is listed and not the sign itself, that means that only the power supply is listed.

What is a CE Rating?

If you look carefully, you might see a “CE” label on your neon or LED sign. There are two different meanings for this, and it’s good to be aware of which one applies to the product before you buy.

The difference between a European CE designation and a China Export CE designation (quality check)

How can you tell the two “CE” marks apart? Look at the distance between the C and the E, as shown above.

The “CE” rating on the left stands for “Conformitè Europëenne,” or “European Conformity.” It is roughly the European equivalent of a UL rating. If you spot this mark, congratulations! The product in question complies with all the health, safety, and environmental protection requirements of the European Union (EU). Certain products sold in the European Economic Area require this certification. The CE rating doesn’t automatically signify a high quality sign or other product, but it does show that the product you’re looking at has been tested and confirmed to be safe for use by a reputable source.

However, there is a second type of “CE” mark that looks extremely similar but is not a standard of quality. This “CE” stands for “China Export,” and manufacturers in China use it arbitrarily to show the item’s country of origin, much like “MADE IN THE U.S.A.” labels on certain clothing brands. The two “CE” logos look extremely similar, as shown above, and it is easy to confuse one for the other. 

While many signs and other products with the “China Export” CE label can be high quality and pass other regulatory certifications, the “China Export” label itself requires no quality check or health and safety testing, meaning that this label alone cannot be seen as a signifier of a quality product. 

Not sure if a company is CE certified? Ask them! If companies have the “Conformitè Europëenne” CE certification, they can provide evidence through a Certificate of Compliance.

Is that Neon-LED Sign Safe, or “Safe”?

Whether or not it’s true, the majority of sign companies will claim that their signs are safe.  This is obviously an important selling point – businesses are looking for a safe sign even more than a visible one – so it makes sense to include.

However, the UL and similar groups are the ones who ultimately determine sign safety and demonstrate it through certifications.  Just because a sign company tells you that their sign is safe doesn’t mean that it actually is, especially if they don’t list or can’t prove any specific certifications.

You should never trust that a sign is safe until you see the proof of its safety, as designated by safety ratings like those above.  

What is an IP Rating? Or, How Can You Tell If a Sign is Waterproof?

While placing signage outside can be useful in driving traffic to your business and attracting new customers, finding LED or neon signs that are waterproof and can work effectively in all kinds of weather can be problematic. If you’re looking for a sign to use outdoors, you should keep your eye out for Ingress Protection (IP) ratings. IP ratings certify the waterproof capabilities of electronic products, including lights.

IP numbers show how good a product is at preventing other things from getting inside of it. These quality ratings are distributed based on testing done by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and are made up of two single-digit numbers. The first digit indicates protection against solids, like dust or pollen, and goes up to a maximum of 6; the second digit indicates protection against liquids and goes up to a maximum of 8.

Most common waterproof IP ratings:

IP65: Signs with this rating have been tested using a water jet, like a hose, and have waterproofing protection for 3 minutes.

IP66: Signs with this rating have demonstrated an ability to repel water from a powerful jet stream for 3 minutes.

IP67: Signs with this rating are able to be submerged in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

IP68: Signs with this rating have the highest level of protection on the IP scale. These products are fully protected against solid particles, and they can be submerged in water beyond 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes. In the case of the latest iPhone, Apple claims that their IP-68 rated iPhone 13 can survive depths of up to 6 meters for up to 30 minutes.

Sometimes, you may also see multiple IP ratings on a product. This simply means that the sign protects against particles in multiple ways. For example, if you spot a product with both an IP 65 and an IP 68 rating, the product holds up against both submersion and a water jet.

When it comes to signage, even a waterproof sign may not necessarily be completely weatherproof. Hot and humid Florida weather or freezing Minnesota snowstorms can impact the performance of signs depending on their construction. If you are selecting a neon or LED sign to use outside, you should always confirm with the sign company that their products are safe for outdoor use first.

Is the Price Right?

Everyone loves to save a few bucks. When it comes to lighting and signage solutions though, low prices are a warning sign. Seeing an extremely low price doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t buy that particular sign, or that there’s something wrong with it, but it does mean that you should proceed with caution.

Generally, the average cost of a high-quality LED sign will start at around $150-200 and go up to $1000 or more depending on the size and type of the sign. For neon signs, that up-front cost for a custom sign will start slightly higher (closer to $300-400 for a stock sign) and can again go up to $4000 or more for a custom sign. Sometimes sign companies will offer sales on certain high-quality items or can provide stock items for a slightly cheaper price, especially when trying to blow out inventory.

Is the Price Misleading?

Some sign companies can also be misleading about their pricing, particularly on third-party services like Etsy. If you search for “custom neon sign,” you’ll see a wide variety of sellers touting custom neon or LED-neon signs at $20 apiece. However, if you look closer, you’ll see that these inexpensive signs are only 10cm long! Sometimes, these low costs also hide upcharges or additional costs, which is why it’s important to read the fine print. Some sellers use low costs as “down payments” for more expensive signs or add hidden fees at checkout.

While a low-cost 10cm sign may be exactly what you need, it likely won’t be effective for most business uses.

Keeping that in mind, if you stumble upon company offering “high-quality” signs at a fraction of this cost ($50 or below), you’re right to be suspicious. Many of these solutions don’t have safety certifications, won’t be very bright, and/or won’t last a long time.

A Return Policy Can Be Telling

One indicator of a company that makes quality signs is their return policy. If you receive a sign and find it doesn’t meet your needs or is low-quality, can you return it for a full refund? This is particularly important as the first time a customer sees their sign is often after they purchase it.

Some companies allow returns. Many will accept returns on stock signs, but not custom signs. Other companies refuse all returns and will only repair or replace signage damaged in shipping. There are some companies that do not even specify what their return policy is. If the company in question is legitimate, you should be able to find their return policy (or lack of) easily. For example, you can find our 30-day return policy clearly laid out on our website here.

What is the Warranty?

The company’s website should clearly articulate the warranty on their signs, if applicable. Many manufacturers make no mention of their warranty. Others might offer a one year warranty whose coverage depends on what particular issue the sign has. Some have longer warranties that sound great…until you read the fine print. Be sure to investigate how the long the warranty is and what exactly it covers before making a purchase. (Again, you can find SpellBrite’s policies – an automatic one-year warranty, with a free three-year extended warranty available with product registration – quickly and easily here).

Keeping an Eye Out For Possible Scams

When trying to determine whether that LED or neon sign company is going to give you a long-lasting, high-quality product or a cheap but dim alternative, using the best practices for judging scams in general can be helpful. Here, we’ll outline what to watch for when buying custom signs from a seller whose reputation you’re unsure of.

Company Information

How long has the company been in business? If a company has been in business for decades, like us, there should be plenty of information about them online. Conversely, many brand new companies won’t clearly state how long they have been in business. This makes it harder to tell if their signs are high-quality or how long they will last. 

Is the company an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? Not all legitimate companies register with the BBB, but the BBB will often keep a record of problematic dealings associated with the business. This may help you to confirm the business’s authenticity.

Does the company have a website? Generally, the website a company has can help you determine if it is legitimate or a scam. While not all legitimate companies have websites, a website can help put your mind at ease.

If the company does have a website:

  • Does the company list their phone number? If so, try calling it; does somebody pick up the phone or call you back?
  • Can you see the privacy policy somewhere on the site? Websites run by scammers will often overlook that important piece of a functional website.
  • In what way does the company accept payment? While credit cards are generally safer (and make it easier to obtain a refund in the event of fraudulent activity), some companies will require payment in the form of envelopes of cash or checks mailed to a specific address.
  • How is their website design and grammar? Are there sections that look extremely underdeveloped, or that have serious programming errors? Some legitimate businesses, especially small businesses, will have poor website design and may have some small grammatical issues. However, most legitimate e-commerce companies will invest in a website that accurately reflects their brand and products.

Social Media

Does the company have social media? A digital presence is becoming increasingly more important for businesses of all kinds, from physical storefronts and restaurants to sign companies. It can be hard to tell if a business is legitimate or high-quality based solely on their social media. However, social media does provide great insight into a business’s values.

If the company doesn’t have any social media, especially if they also have no website, that is a red flag. The exception to this would be if the business is small, like a shop selling crocheted stuffed animals on Etsy. If the business in question is larger or seemingly well-established, you should expect to see a website and social media. 

Responsive to negative feedback

If the company does have social media, you can easily scroll through their posts and often learn something about them. If you see any negative feedback, has the company responded to it in a helpful way? Does the company seem responsive to the concerns of potential customers on their social media? If you are suspicious that the company is not legitimate, do not click on the link directly in their bio. Instead, open a new tab and Google the company name to see what pops up.

Search Appearance on Third-Party Sellers

 While e-commerce platforms do work to ensure that products are fairly rated, and that companies aren’t paying for positive reviews, many reviews and companies fall between the cracks. In particular, we are going to take a closer look at e-commerce giant Amazon. 

One thing to note is that the majority of sellers on Amazon are now selling directly from Chinese sellers. This makes safety ratings and certifications harder to obtain or confirm. One way in which these sellers are protecting their interests in the United States is by creating official “brands.” They create these brands by combining a string of numbers to create a unique “brand name” for the company. If you see a brand name like JHTKLWOII on Amazon, it’s likely that the company is based in China. This means that the product is not held to the same safety standards or government requirements as products created and sold from the United States. You can confirm where a company is based by using the above steps to look for their website or social media, or try reaching out to their customer service line. 

Search Placement on Amazon

Additionally, looking at reviews on Amazon can be extremely telling. While Amazon has cracked down on purchasing reviews, there are still many companies who purchase both positive reviews for themselves. Some companies will even purchase negative reviews for other companies, compromising the legitimacy of many negative reviews as well. Do the reviews of these “high-quality” signs seem to be legitimate? Do they come with pictures? Are they all extremely positive or extremely negative?

Oftentimes, the 3 and 4 star reviews will be the most helpful. They are also the ones that are most likely to be true, accurate reviews given by paying customers. If a seller has 500+ reviews and a 4.98 rating, it is unlikely that all their reviews are legitimate. Customers with mid-range ratings often have more level-headed feedback, giving you a better sense of the company’s shortcomings. Do they have a great product but terrible customer service? False advertising on shipping times? These 3-4 star reviews will let you know.

Other Third-Party Reviews

Other third-party reviews can be extremely helpful to investigate when determining whether a company is legitimate or not. Although both the company in question and their competitors can manipulate these, common sense helps you read between the lines. 

First, you can look up “[company name] scam” or “is [company] legit.” If it actually is a suspected scam, top results will link to their rating on sites like ScamRisk.

If they don’t show up there, look at sites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Google Reviews, Yelp, or Facebook Reviews. While these reviews may be short and sweet, there are often at least a few that go into more detail. Hearing from previous customers can give you insight into the company and whether the product will work for you. In particular, spotting returning customers who have left multiple reviews is always a good sign.


Having a bright sign can increase your business’ sales. Having a quality bright sign can increase those sales for years to come and give you peace of mind. We hope you found our suggestions valuable. Unfortunately, none of the above strategies are 100% accurate in proving that a sign is bright, long-lasting or high-quality. However, using all of them together – looking for certifications of safety and quality on the product, checking for a return and warranty policy, evaluating content on a company’s social media and website, and investigating third-party review platforms – can help you determine if the sign you’re looking at is the right one for you.

Of course, we’d (www.SpellBrite.com) be delighted to provide you with a high-quality sign. We have decades of experience in the lighting and signage industries, and would be happy to schedule a free consultation. Contact us at [email protected] or (312)575-9620 and we’ll work with you to determine what solution is best for you. 

Neon signs are bright and beautiful. They can showcase products to generate awareness and sales for businesses, create an artistic focal point for a photo op, or add a cozy aesthetic to your home. But when your neon sign breaks, figuring out how to repair it can be a headache.

Because classic neon signs are often handcrafted, it can be particularly difficult to determine where to start. 

We’re here to help. Read on to learn what to expect, how to handle your broken neon sign, and the next steps you can take to repair your sign.

Yes, Neon Signs Can Be Dangerous

Before doing anything else, make sure you take the proper safety precautions around your neon sign. Neon signs, and especially older neon signs, can be extremely dangerous if handled incorrectly.

Remember: you should always turn off and unplug your neon sign before touching it. 

Neon signs expose gas encased in glass tubing to a high voltage in order to shine. This creates the bright glow we associate with vintage neon signs, but it also makes these signs more dangerous.

Always use extreme caution when handling your neon sign. While LED signs are typically low voltage (12 to 24 volts), neon signs require a very high voltage. Failing to turn off and unplug your sign before handling could result in a severe electric shock. With the average neon sign running on 9,000 to 20,000 volts of electricity, handling a neon sign while it’s plugged in can be a fatal mistake.                  

Additionally, older neon signs were often made with lead glass, and some neon signs contain mercury as well. (Fun fact: red and pink neon signs will usually use actual neon gas. Other colors typically contain other elements besides neon. While most of these are harmless, blue neon signs can contain small amounts of mercury.)

The amounts of lead and mercury in these neon signs are generally small enough to be non-toxic. However, you will still want to be careful if you suspect a break or leak in your neon sign. Wear gloves and a mask, and beware of any broken glass!

Can my neon sign be repaired?

For the most part, the state of disrepair your sign is in will determine how expensive the repair will be. Most neon signs can be fixed, though the cost of repairing them varies depending on the quality of the sign and the extent of the break. 

If you have an older neon sign, you should never try to repair the sign yourself. Take your older sign directly to a professional. They will be able to diagnose the problem and determine how expensive it will be to fix. In some cases, especially if your neon sign is dimmer than usual, your neon sign may simply be getting old. Neon signs typically have a lifespan of 10-12 years on average.

If your sign is newer (and intact), you can find some DIY walkthrough solutions for fixing your sign online. However, we still recommend that you seek out a professional opinion. These neon sign DIY fixes are generally only applicable for issues like a broken transformer or wires that have shorted, and they are dangerous to you if performed incorrectly.

If your sign is brand new, it is also worth checking the return policies and warranties for the company you purchased the sign from. Although most signage companies don’t offer money-back refunds, particularly for customized neon signs, many do offer warranties for specific issues or design flaws.

How much does it cost to repair a neon sign?

It depends. How did the sign break? What’s the extent of the break? Was the sign made out of quality materials? With handcrafted neon signs, no two signs will be identical. Unfortunately, this means that there is no one-size-fits-all answer for neon sign repair. 

Fixing a broken or low-quality transformer will be different than fixing broken neon glass. If your sign has shattered, even if only partially, that fix will be even more intensive. 

In the best case scenario, which would be a loose wire, you should anticipate spending a minimum of $50-60 for the fix. Repair costs will likely edge closer to $300-400 for small breaks in the glass or transformer issues. For more serious problems, or for larger signs with greater complexity and customization, repairing your broken neon could potentially cost upwards of $1000.

The quality of neon sign repair you choose also impacts the price. More experienced professionals will be better able to diagnose and fix your sign, but they will also be more expensive to hire.

On the flipside, if you are confident, DIY solutions for fixing signs can cut costs slightly. However, this will also be a more complicated (and dangerous) alternative to turning to the professionals. 

How should I be taking care of my neon sign?

Running regular maintenance on your neon sign can help prevent dimming and burnout. While this cannot prevent breaks in the glass, it can minimize the need for professional repair services. 

The first rule of thumb in preventing future problems is leaving your neon sign on 24/7 when not handling. Although energy-efficiency is important, both in terms of helping the planet and saving you money, neon lights tend to work better when left on, unlike most other lighting solutions.

Regularly cleaning your neon sign can also prevent future damage and help keep your sign shining brightly for years to come. Once again, always turn off and unplug your neon sign before touching it. After turning off and unplugging your sign, you’ll be able to clean it gently. A soft cloth or clean paintbrush is effective for removing dust, dirt, cobwebs, and other buildup. 

Be extremely careful when handling the neon sign. Tempering the glass to create neon tubing weakens the glass, making it fragile and much more prone to breakage than other types of glass.

If your neon sign is outside, you may also want to consider investing in a bug trap near the sign. Your bright neon sign will be a beacon to bugs, which can partially block the light and require you to clean the sign more often.

Looking for a new sign?

Broken neon signs are no fun. For many neon sign breaks, the cost of repair can be even higher than the initial cost of the sign. This can be problematic to businesses trying to maintain visibility without spending a fortune. We understand your frustrations, and that’s exactly why we designed a custom LED sign alternative to neon signs. Our signs are easy to repair, durable enough to be driven over by a car, and best of all, come with a one-year warranty. 

SpellBrite doesn’t offer repair services for broken neon signs, but with over 20 years of experience creating illuminated signs that look like neon, we can help you figure out where to start and what your next steps should be in finding a new signage solution. Call us at (312)575-9620 or email [email protected] for more information, or receive an immediate online quote here.

Neon Sign Repair, in SpellBrite’s custom LED signage for businesses


When a bright sign saying “LABOR DAY HOURS 8AM-2PM” caught Scott Martin’s attention, he knew right away he was seeing something very unique. (more…)

LED neon barbershop custom sign

Jay Clarida had been running a successful barbershop in Elmhurst, Illinois when a patron and friend suggested Jay try a SpellBrite sign to promote his business.  Initially reluctant to make the investment, Jay finally decided to give it a try.  He was shocked by the results.

“Business was good so I didn’t think a SpellBrite sign would do much, but I gave it a try and got a sign that says JMCBARBERSHOP.COM.  Am I glad I did!  Customer traffic and sales increased almost immediately.” said Jay.  In fact, a few months after adding the ultra-bright LED SpellBrite sign, Jay added a third barber to take advantage of the increased traffic.  “The value of the sign really hit home when a new customer, who was drawn in by the sign, asked if we had just opened.  We’ve been here for 7 years and he never noticed us!  Now, my business is up over 40%.”

To continually attract attention, Jay has been alternating the animations of the neon-like sign from flashing to pulsing to static, but then he decided to step things up.  With SpellBrite’s click-together design, Jay was able to change his one row sign of JMCBARBERSHOP.COM to a three row sign that says JMC (new row) BARBER (new row) SHOP.  Now he pulses or flashes just the row BARBER.  Immediately customers began asking Jay if he got a new sign, and new folks have been drawn in.  Jay plans to use this configuration of the SpellBrite sign for a month or two and then change it again.

“I certainly didn’t expect it, but SpellBrite has been great for business.  And every time I change the sign, everybody notices.” says Jay.

LED neon barbershop custom changeable sign

JMC Barbershop: www.jmcbarbershop.com


Customers who use SpellBrite signs to announce price promotions and value deals tell us these messages are very effective at increasing traffic and sales. 

As you know, a SpellBrite sign with a compelling message pulls in customers and increases sales. SpellBrite grabs the customer’s attention, and then you find out how compelling the message is. Do customers come in and make a purchase? Since price is an important factor to most customers, price promotions often do bring in more customers and sales.

It’s no surprise that business owners may not think to use a bright, illuminated window sign to highlight their promotions. For decades, the only option for an illuminated window sign was neon. Unlike SpellBrite, neon signs are very expensive and not changeable. You are stuck with the neon sign as it was made until someone accidentally breaks it.

SpellBrite’s click-together design has created a tremendous opportunity. Now you can test messages and promotions to find out which pull in the most customers and sales.


Using a restaurant as an example, Shawn Kanchwala from Taylor Street Pizza in Carpentersville, IL used the SpellBrite sign “ANY 2 SLICES $5.50” to increase his combo meal sales by more than 20%. Read more here.

Large chains (McDonald’s, Subway, Walgreens, H&R Block, etc.) spend hundreds of millions of dollars advertising their promotions. With a SpellBrite sign you can get broad awareness among your target customers with even just one location. Most importantly, unlike most other marketing tools (TV, local newspapers, Facebook, Google, coupon books, mailers, etc.), many customers will see your SpellBrite message at a time when they can immediately make a purchase.

So advertise your price promotions, include your phone number in your front window, and highlight your percent off sale. Continually test promotions to find those that bring in the most customers and sales!

All the best,
Sean Callahan


See what SpellBrite customers said about their SpellBrite signs at the International Pizza Expo 2017 in our recap video below.

What SpellBrite sign messages should you use? Go with the messages that generate the largest increase in sales. Based on customer feedback the most effective messages fall into one of the below categories. Fortunately, with SpellBrite’s click-together design, you can test messages to find the most profitable for your business.

1) Announce Your Products & Services.

List your products and services with a SpellBrite sign and leave it on 24/7. By constantly reminding prospective customers as they pass by, you’ll be at the top of their mind.


2) Highlight Your Special Deals, Value Meals, Promotions, etc.

Every customer loves a good deal and a price promotion is one of the quickest ways to draw in folks. Big chains spend millions advertising their promotions. With SpellBrite you can get broad awareness among your target customers with even just one location. Most importantly, unlike promotions on TV, in the local newspaper or in coupon books and mailers, customers often will see your SpellBrite message when they can immediately make a purchase.


3) Differentiate Your Business.

Every business has something that makes them unique. Shout it to the world so prospective customers know and remember.


4) Rotate Your Promotions.

In multiple studies we have done with SpellBrite users, highlighting a specific item increased the sales of that item. By rotating your promotions you can increase your sales, because (a) you sell to more customers – they often have different wants and (b) you sell more to the same customers – those that like several of your promotions. With their daily specials, restaurants are unusually well positioned to increase their sales with this strategy.


5) Direct Your Customers.

Minimize customer confusion, speed up the line, and bring in customers that didn’t realize you had more parking in back. (Every SpellBrite sign row can be dimmed so signs like RESTROOM in a restaurant don’t overpower the lighting.)


6) Promote Seasonal Items.

Many products and services are season specific. Promote items that are right for that time of year.


7) Announce Immediate Availability.

Few people like to wait for service. A sign announcing immediate availability can get customers to stop and come in. This is particularly helpful for (a) operations that often have waits and (b) shops that draw from customer traffic to nearby businesses.


8) Sell Add-On Items.

Incremental sales are often very profitable. Highlight add-on items with SpellBrite.


9) Attract Employees.

Several business owners have used SpellBrite to announce available positions. Martin, an owner of a pizzeria, saw a 5x increase in delivery driver candidates, allowing him to be much more selective.


10) Say OPEN With Pizzazz.

Most establishments use an illuminated OPEN sign to tell the world they are open. With the invention of SpellBrite, you can be much more creative. Choose a sign with personality and stand out from the crowd.


If you’re not sure what a good message is, test different messages. SpellBrite’s click-together design gives you an inexpensive way to find out which messages drive the most sales.

If you are having trouble thinking of sign ideas, call 312-575-9620 and ask for help from our trained staff.


Located in Oceanside, NY, The Wine Cellar Oceanside is a liquor store with emphasis on wine. Owner Hasan Balkas had printed window signs to promote items on sale, but they didn’t seem very effective.

As an alternative to a neon sign, he found SpellBrite LED signs online at www.spellbrite.com, He says he is 100 percent happy with his purchase, since he could create a bright, custom sign to say exactly what he wanted. The click-together letters read: “FINE WINE & SPIRITS.”

“I think it is the greatest idea,” he says. “It’s very easy to put together and if, down the road, you want to change it, you can.”

The new SpellBrite sign stays on 24 hours a day, and Balkas says it has increased sales. “We are in a shopping center with 13 businesses all connected,” he says. “People are always driving by, so having a bright sign in the window helped our business get noticed from Day One. I definitely recommend it. I am really happy with my investment, and I believe it has helped big time. “


Paul Siegel is a film enthusiast, with an appreciation for all great cinema. He undertook a do-it-yourself project to create a home theater in his basement and found that a SpellBrite LED sign provided just the right touch Paul needed to complete his home theater.

Along with leather seating, a massive screen, and his collection of vintage movie projectors and posters, Siegel added a snack counter, behind which hangs his SpellBrite sign that says “CINE SNAX.”

He originally had searched for a neon sign. He even bought one, but found the light was too harsh. So he began searching for a neon alternative. An online search led him to www.spellbrite.com, where Siegel, an industrial designer, was immediately impressed by SpellBrite’s design and utility. After deciding exactly what he wanted his sign to say, he placed his order.

He was thrilled when it arrived, quickly assembled and mounted it in the nook where guests can get popcorn, candy and refreshments.  Siegel was delighted that, although the SpellBrite sign was brighter than his neon sign, the SpellBrite sign has a dimmer that allows him to set the light output at an appropriate level for his home theater.

“It’s great! I like the fact that you can adjust the intensity. It really makes the snack area pop.”

When he hosts gatherings of two movie groups each month, the sign always draws comments. “Everyone who has seen it loves it,” he says.




Steve Scaglione owns a restaurant and banquet facility called “Voce,”  which means “voice” in Italian.

Business had been slow, and Scaglione began looking at his signage, thinking about how he could stand
 out more.

 “Our corner, where we are located, was kind of dark,” he says. “My landlord would not let me get neon signs.”

So Scaglione began shopping around. He found SpellBrite custom LED signs at the National Restaurant Association trade show and bought his first sign at the show.  After getting the first two “MAURIZIO’S PIZZA & SPORTS BAR” signs last year, he could see the value the signs brought to his business and soon bought several more. Some say “OPEN,” and he customized one to display a phone number.

“Once we put the first SpellBrite sneon-led-sign-restaurant-phone-numberign up, the exposure just went off the charts. Within a week, it literally
paid for itself. I started getting two to three calls a day about the banquet facility. Now I get up to 40 calls a week,” he says.

He has nine SpellBrite signs up now. “I am thinking about buying a few more,” he says. “People can see them, and I get a lot of comments. They are very visible even a 100 feet away. They really just put us on the map as far as exposure.”

Scaglione also appreciates that the signs are energy-efficient, thanks to LED technology. “Our SpellBrite signs are so much brighter than neon, but you are not using much electricity at all. We just keep them on 24 hours a day.”

Another plus, he says, is that “if you break a letter you can just take the old one out and click a new one in. With neon, if you break a letter, the sign is done.”

pizza-neon-led-spellbrite-signScaglione considers his SpellBrite signs a smart investment. “They paid for themselves in 30 days as far as additional traffic and exposure – just from the visibility of the sign. And, I will have them for a very long time.”

He would definitely recommend SpellBrite signage for any small business. “I can’t tell you how much
they’ve done to give us visibly in the street. I just got off the phone with somebody who called me from the sign,” he laughs. “It is an eye catcher.”


spellbrite-neon-led-restaurant-sign-34 neon-led-restaurant-sign led-bar-signs


Metal Supermarkets’ customer traffic increased significantly after adding a SpellBrite sign.

With SpellBrite’s Neon-LED letters, I could create the message I wanted”

Gary Ainsworth owns and operates a Metal Supermarkets® franchise that he opened in the Boston metropolitan area in 2014. A metals distributor that caters to small quantity buyers, Metal Supermarkets serves a wide and diverse range of industries.

Ainsworth had a healthy first year in business, due in part to two SpellBrite LED signs he customized specifically to draw shoppers into his shop. The window signs both display “OPEN TO THE PUBLIC” — one for each direction of traffic in the light industrial area where his shop is located.

Choosing SpellBrite Neon-LED Signs

The challenge for Ainsworth was that his franchise was the first in the area.

“We’ve enjoyed bringing the metal micro distributor experience to the Boston market,” he says. “But since we were a new brand and a new experience, my general manager suggested we get some window signs to convey we’re open to the public. We needed a cost-effective solution to let potential customers know they could drop by our warehouse space and help themselves.”

Ainsworth researched a number of options, including custom neon signs, before deciding on SpellBrite.

“We love our SpellBrite LED signs,” he says. “The first sign probably paid for itself immediately.”

SpellBrite’s Many Advantages Over Neon Signs

The SpellBrite LED signage system is a more flexible, safer alternative to the traditional neon sign. Easy to create and customize, SpellBrite offers the brightness of neon signs at half the cost, with all the benefits that an LED sign can offer: longer life, low energy costs, and higher durability

“With SpellBrite’s Neon-LED letters, I could create the message I wanted using the sign builder feature on the web site — www.SpellBrite.com,” he says. Plus, ordering was easy. “You don’t have to be technical.”

Once his SpellBrite signs arrived, Ainsworth was surprised at how easy the sign letters were to assemble and install, as well as how much light they emit. “They’re very effective and bright. Compared to neon or DOT LEDs, these look much more refined and professional.”


“The signs’ contrast and brightness catch people’s attention. Many folks said they noticed us only after the signs were installed.”

Energy efficiency is another plus. Compared to a neon sign, a SpellBrite custom sign uses up to 70 percent less energy, while still being highly visible both night and day.

SpellBrite Custom LED Signs: The Result

It turns out that “OPEN TO THE PUBLIC” was the missing piece Ainsworth needed to get customers in the door — 1,200 came through that first year.

“The signs’ contrast and brightness catch people’s attention,” he says. “Many folks said they noticed us only after the signs were installed. We look forward to many more customer successes in the years to come.”

How many ways can you use SpellBrite Neon-LED sign to promote your business? Create your own custom sign today!


 Revolutionary signage system approved by Ace Corporate as a marketing instrument for chain’s 4,600 + locations worldwide

Chicago, IL – December 3, 2015:  Optiva Technologies today announced that Ace Hardware, one of America’s oldest and most respected retailers, has approved the use of SpellBrite’s revolutionary “click-together” signage system for its 4,600 + locations worldwide.  Corporate approval means that SpellBrite signage can now be used by individual franchise owners and dealers to market/advertise their stores to the general public.  To receive this approval, SpellBrite needed to pass a stiff evaluation based on a series of criteria, including the following: Quality, Effectiveness, Ease of Use, Safety, and Cost. 

“The SpellBrite LED Signage System is the perfect marketing tool for businesses like Ace Hardware,” said Sean Callahan, CEO of Optiva Technologies.  “The bright, striking light draws the attention of the prospective customers, and the click-together feature allows business owners to change their sign message any time – they can rotate specials, test promotions, have seasonal messages, and announce unique offerings.”Ace lawn garden crop

SpellBrite’s system allows entrepreneurs from all types of industries to create unlimited messages to market their products.  The innovative system contains an environmentally-friendly “click-together” set of LED characters that have the striking, bright look of neon without the cost or the dangers/risks inherent with glass neon construction.  SpellBrite’s 44 letters, numbers and characters are interchangeable, allowing anyone to create an ultra-bright message that can be changed at any time. 

Franchise owners across many different industries have witnessed increased sales after using SpellBrite’s signage.  Some such franchises are State Farm, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts, and Liberty Tax.   Testimonials to SpellBrite’s effectiveness are received daily by Optiva Technologies.  For example:

Gary Ainsworth of Metals Supermarkets in Woburn, MA: “We’re in a light industrial area, with everything from construction to industrial repair companies.  There is a lot of traffic from folks in high tech and other industries, the trades, and contractors of all types. The sign’s contrast and brightness catch people’s attention and many folks said after driving by a number of times, they noticed us only after the signs were installed. The first sign probably paid for itself immediately. “

SpellBrite was born from the technology developed by iLight, a pioneer and leader in innovative LED illumination solutions. Founded in 1999, the company’s award-winning legacy of exceptional lighting products are known for high brightness and smooth even glow.  The company currently holds more than 100 patents in the U.S. and international markets.  SpellBrite was introduced in 2012. Retailers and restaurant owners quickly grasped the benefits of the signage system; SpellBrite was named a Retailer Top Pick at the 2012 NACS trade show and Best New Product at the 2012 ISA International Sign Expo.  In 2013 iLight received the Chicago Innovation Award for SpellBrite.


Contact: [email protected]

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpellBrite

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SpellBrite

Instagram: https://instagram.com/SpellBrite

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/spellbrite

PDF Download: Ace Hardware Endorses SpellBrite

With all the focus on social media and digital customer engagement, it is easy to overlook a marketing strategy that, for over a century, has proven to drive sales – illuminated signs.  Neon has traditionally been used as the illuminations source, but over the past decade LED products have taken a significant share of the signage market.  One LED technology, SpellBrite, enables restaurants, retailers, and other businesses to create illuminated signs that are as bright and striking as traditional neon signs, but which can be changed at any time.


With the SpellBrite signage system, one can make any sign and change it any time.



Neon & LED Based Signs

Neon signs have been used for over a hundred years to successfully drive traffic and sales.  There is no greater proof of the effectiveness of illuminated signs, and neon in particular, than Las Vegas.  Casinos there have used neon to the extreme to draw in customers and their money.  However, neon is declining in popularity, even in Las Vegas, due to safety concerns, maintenance hassles, environmental issues, and aesthetic challenges and many municipalities are banning neon.

LED-based signs have none of the drawbacks of neon signs and derive significant benefits from LEDs: long life, durable, low energy usage, light weight, etc.  LEDs are points of light and this creates aesthetic challenges if viewers are able to see the pixelation.  Several technologies have successfully addressed the pixel problem: large billboards and display screens which can cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.  Viewers are typically far enough from the display that the individual LEDs are not distinct, but actually form a composite image.

Another LED technology without pixelation is SpellBrite, a click together LED signage system that looks like neon.  The light from the individual LEDs are diffused into a smooth, bright line.  Since SpellBrite characters are modular and interchangeable, a user can create any message and change it any time.  Business owners can inexpensively test multiple messages, promotions, and price specials to find the most compelling to prospective customers; change signs for seasonal or timely opportunities; or modify general messaging to keep their storefront fresh. This radically increases the value of the signage system. 


The Value of a Changeable Signage System

Because of the flexibility available in creating custom sign messages, business owners in multiple industries have used SpellBrite in different ways to increase sales and strengthen their market position.

Announce Unique Offerings:

After hanging his first sign, Steve Scaglione, owner of Maurizio’s Pizza & Sports Bar in St. Louis, was all in.  He immediately invested $4,000 more in SpellBrite signs.  Steve said, “Within weeks of putting up the sign “BANQUET ROOM AVAILABLE” with our phone number, we went from getting almost no calls on the banquet room to 20 to 25 calls per week.  SpellBrite has been wonderful for my business.”

Promote Specials:Big Sammy SpellBrite Article Aug 2015 (002)

Sam of Big Sammy’s Hot Dogs in Elgin, IL uses SpellBrite to promote the combo at his three shops.  When food costs increased, Sam changed the price on “2 HOT DOGS FRIES & DRINK $5.00” to $5.50 and later to $6.25 just by buying a few more numbers.  “Large chains spend millions of dollars to promote their value meals.  SpellBrite puts my value meal on equal footing and for much less money,” says Sam. “And you can’t miss the signs.  They bring the customers in.”

Attract Employees:NowHiringDriver_201#FEB3801

A multi-unit owner of a national pizza chain found using a “NOW HIRING DRIVERS” sign led to a fivefold increase in driver candidates.  The owner is pleased, “Drivers constantly turnover.  I’ve gone from hoping for a warm body, to selecting candidates that will represent our brand well.”

Differentiate Your Business:

An agent for a national insurance company uses the sign “SWITCH AND SAVE UP TO 40%” to help reinforce that they are not only an established, trusted brand, but are a good value as well.  The agent has been so pleased that he has purchased a kit of letters to periodically change messages.

Highlight Urgency:

A franchisee of a large tax chain started with the sign “10 DAYS TO FILE” and counted down to April 15.  “The sign more than paid for itself and I continue to do business with many of these customers.”

Announce Immediate Availability:

Jim Horn, owner of Hairsmith in Carpentersville, IL increased his revenue and chair utilization with a “NO WAIT” sign.  “We are in a strip center and the various stores draw a fair amount of traffic.  When we have an open chair we turn on our ‘NO WAIT’ sign with a remote and it quickly pulls customers in.  The SpellBrite sign has helped sales increase over 15%, with no increase in man-hours at the barber shop.”


Business owners have multiple good options for signage product.  Many have chosen SpellBrite because it combines the striking impact of neon with the flexibility of print.  Using SpellBrite to test and communicate compelling messages has increased sales for many businesses across multiple industries.

Attracting new customers is critical to the survival and growth of any business, according to Sam Fallico of Big Sammy’s Hotdogs.  Even established businesses will fail without bringing in new customers, and Fallico says it can take six months or longer for new residents to patronize a business for the first time. 

“If I can constantly attract new customers to my restaurants, my outstanding food and service will turn them into regulars and my business grows,” he says.

Fallico, who is known as “Big Sammy” at his three locations – one in Elgin, IL and two in Elk Grove Village, IL – uses a variety of marketing and advertising approaches to promote his business and bring in new customers.  Fallico discovered that some strategies greatly outperform others, so he focusses all of his efforts on the top performers as well as programs that help his community in some way. 

Big Sammy SpellBrite Article Aug 2015 (002)

Sam Fallico, owner of Big Sammy’s Hotdogs, and his SpellBrite Neon-LED sign “2 HOTDOGS FRIES & DRINK $6.25”

Fallico buys radio ads and monthly placements in Moneysaver and Save magazines.  He also partners with local charity and nonprofit organizations to host fundraisers and community events. 

Fallico, who opened his doors in 1996, finds little value in other marketing strategies such as Groupon.  “They want to take around 20% and they have all the control.  It’s a bad deal,” he says.  “Plus, it brings in cheap customers that are always looking for the lowest price.  I don’t want that.”

Fallico discovered that one of his most effective tools for attracting more customers is also the most cost effective – his SpellBrite Neon-LED sign that says “2 HOTDOGS FRIES & DRINK $6.25”.  He hung his SpellBrite custom Neon-LED sign in his front window in the hopes of drawing customers from the busy streets surrounding his business, and it worked!

“SpellBrite definitely attracts a lot of attention.  People even stop their car right in front of my business, read my sign, park, and come in asking for my hotdog combo.  It’s so bright,” he says, “you can see it all day and night from across the parking lot to the street”.

Fallico was one of the first businesses in his community to buy a SpellBrite sign and he’s glad he did.  “SpellBrite is a great value.  My sign cost me less than my monthly print advertising budget, and I will use it for years and years.”  After testing his SpellBrite sign at his Elgin restaurant, he quickly bought signs for his other two locations.

Compared to neon, SpellBrite is super bright, energy efficient and safer around my customers and employees,” he said.  “Most importantly, I can change my custom message any time.  In fact, I’ve changed the pricing on my sign twice already.  You can’t do that with neon signs!”

Big Sammy’s Hotdogs: www.bigsammyshotdogs.com

SpellBrite is modular. You can make any message you like and change it any time.

SpellBrite is modular. You can make any message you like and change it any time.

Like many restaurateurs, increasing costs were putting a strain on Shaun Kanchwala’s business and finances.  Shaun, the owner of Taylor Street Pizza in Carpentersville, IL, had to make a choice: switch to less expensive ingredients, accept lower profits, or increase prices and risk losing customers.

“As I thought about it, I really did not have a choice,” said Shaun.  “If I lowered food quality, I would lose existing customers and fewer new customers would become regulars.  If I accepted lower profits, I could eventually go out of business.  I knew I had to raise our prices, but I needed to do it without losing customers.”

SpellBrite was a critical part of Shaun’s solution. SpellBrite is our “click together” LED signage system that looks like neon, but has none of the drawbacks.  Shaun knew owners of other restaurants that used SpellBrite custom signs to successfully differentiate their offerings and highlight promotions.  “You can’t miss these signs – they grab your attention.”

pic 2

Sales increased after Shaun Kanchwala put up a SpellBrite sign announcing Taylor Street Pizza’s slice promotion with an increased price.

To announce that the price for two pizza slices was now $5.50, an increase from $5.00, Shaun bought the SpellBrite sign “ANY 2 SLICES $5.50”.  The cost of the sign was under $400, much less than quotes for a comparable neon sign.  Because the SpellBrite system is modular, if Shaun’s costs changed or if he wanted to test different promotions, Shaun could easily change the price or the entire message.

Shaun was thrilled with the results: he had feared that unit sales would drop, but they actually increased over 10%.  “A bright sign with a compelling message really does pull in more customers!  If I lost any customers from the price increase, it was more than made up by new customers drawn in by the SpellBrite sign.  The unit sales increase of 10%+ and the price increase of 10% combined to increase slice revenue by more than 20%, and most of this went to the bottom line.  The slice promotion also increased sales of other food and beverage products.  The sign paid for itself within weeks.  We will definitely buy SpellBrite signs for all 10 of our stores.”

Taylor Street Pizza: www.taylorstpizzacarpentersville.com

It has become increasingly difficult for businesses to stand out from the competition. Yet, one of the most effective ways to get noticed is also one of the more affordable as well. In fact, the Small Business Administration (SBA) cites signs as the most effective, yet least expensive form of advertising for the small business. In addition to affordability, the SBA has cited a number of additional reasons why signs are an integral part of doing business: 

  • A sign serves as an in introduction or greeting to those who pass by your business. Signage is a fundamental way to identify your business to existing and potential customers.
  • Signs work every day of the year. It is worth pointing out that lighted signs take this a step further by working around the clock, as lit signs can be easily seen any time day or night.
  • People often judge a business by the quality and appearance of your signage, making it an important tool to help project the image you are looking for. It can also reinforce the branding efforts for your business.
  • Along these same lines, many businesses have increased their foot traffic and sales simply by adding a good sign. The opposite is also true, as many have gone out of business in part because they simply were not identified well enough, making it difficult for potential customers, to even know of their existence.
  • According to the United States Census Bureau, 18% of households relocate each year. As your customers move, you need to replace them by attracting new customers and signs can help you do this in a cost-effective manner.

 Choosing the right type of sign is critical if you hope to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. When you consider that the human eye is drawn to light five to six times the ambient level, the benefits of lighted signs are easy to see. Moreover, lighted signs can be customized to promote specific items. For example, a restaurant looking to promote its specials can use lighted signs that can be easily updated on a daily basis to attract business. The constantly changing signs will also help to keep the messages fresh, while a stagnant print sign loses its effectiveness over time. Likewise, a retailer can use lighted in-store signage to direct customers to parts of the store that they are looking to promote.

Lighted signs make it possible to connect with your existing customers any time day or night, even when your business is closed for the day. Smart signage marketers aim to achieve “top of the mind awareness” and a lighted sign on display 24 hours a day increases the chances that your target audience will keep you in mind when looking for the products or services you have to offer.

 A 2012 survey by Ketchum Global Research provides further evidence of the power of signage as a marketing tool and determined a connection between the quality of business signage and a positive consumer reaction.

 Nearly eight out of 10 respondents (76%) say they have gone into a store they have never shopped at before because of its signs.

  • Almost seven in 10 respondents (68%) say they have bought a product or enlisted a service because a sign caught their attention.
  • Even in the social media age, a business’ sign can provide influential word-of-mouth advertising, as three out of four respondents indicate they have told others about a store based simply on its signage.
  • More than two-thirds of respondents (68%) believe a store’s signage is indicative of the quality of its products or services.
  • Quality signage is an important consideration, as poor signage can keep prospective consumers from entering a store. Just over half of the respondents (52%) say they are less willing to enter a store with misspelled or poorly made signs.
  • Almost 60% of respondents say the lack of storefront signage is a strong enough deterrent to keep them from shopping at a store. On average, respondents feel that two to three signs around a business’ storefront are the right amount of signage.

Given the understanding of the role signage can play in effectively marketing businesses, it is equally important to understand the various lighting options in order to determine the best solution for your needs.  

Neon lights have been used for decades and are still popular with some business operators. Part of the problem with neon lighting is that it can wash out in direct sunlight and its brightness is contingent upon a number of factors. They are not as interchangeable as other options. Due to their delicate nature, breakage is often a problem and repairs can be costly. Neon lights also may require special installation. Fixed dot LED lighting has grown in popularity due to its low power consumption compared to neon. Nonetheless, they share some of the same drawbacks as neon lighting, plus some of their own. For example, if any part of the sign burns out, the whole unit must be replaced. LEDs lose their brightness over time. Quality can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. The pixelated look of dot LED is not considered to be as attractive or professional in appearance as other alternatives.

The SpellBrite LED signage system addresses the drawbacks often associated with neon and dot LED lighting. SpellBrite systems are viewable in direct sunlight and offer 180 degree viewing. The letters are fully interchangeable, making it easy to change at any time to maximize impact of promotions. They feature a premium look and feel and are easy to install by yourself. If a letter should need replacing, it can be done individually so there is no need to replace the whole sign. SpellBrite signage is rated for up to 80,000 hours and is easy to clean and maintain with no sharp edges or excessive heat created by the lighting. Perhaps best of all, SpellBrite offers animation and dimmer options making it possible to highlight specific parts of your marketing message.

There is an old adage in the sign industry that states, “A business without a sign is a sign of no business.” That will not be an issue if you decide to use lighted signs to brighten your business outlook.

Free Shipping if purchase over $200! (US Addresses only) Create Your Sign ›

(Above photos are of SpellBrite red letters. The intense brightness of the red letters can make them look white or orange in photos.)

Endless Possibilities

Use SpellBrite to keep your storefront fresh and relevant with messages that attract more customers. Tell the world about your new promotion, sale, service—anything that makes your business stand out. This is your chance to grab the attention of your local customer base and draw them in. Use your SpellBrite “click-together” signage system to test, measure and repeat your way to success!

  • Highlight Your Specials

  • Stand Out From Competitors

  • List Products & Services

  • Announce Your Extras

You’re only limited by your imagination.


Create A Custom Sign!

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Multi-Character Kits

You can buy just the SpellBrite sign message you want. Or, to get the maximum value, you can buy a multi-character kit and change your message anytime:
      • test multiple messages, promotions, and price specials to find the most compelling to prospective customers;
      • change signs for seasonal or timely opportunities;
      • modify general messaging to keep your storefront fresh; or
      • simply rotate the products and services you highlight with SpellBrite.

When you change messages, current and prospective customers will have a much greater understanding of the breadth of products and services you offer and the value you provide. And this often leads to more new customers, increased visits per customer, and a higher average transaction amount.

Get Your Business Noticed

Our customers have reported sales increases of up to 40% by using SpellBrite to promote their unique message to the customers in their immediate market area.

“My Goodness, they pay for themselves within the first week and a half. ”

Patrick Cunningham, Owner, Pizza Bella – Dallas, PA

“Once we put up the first SpellBrite sign, the exposure just went off the charts. Within a week, it literally paid for itself.”

Steve Scaglione, Owner, Maurizio’s Pizza & Sports Bar, St. Louis, MO

“Promoting the ‘cash in a flash program’ with my SpellBrite sign helped me achieve a 53% fee increase over the prior year.”

Ralph Guisti, Franchisee, Liberty Tax, Belchertown, MA

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SpellBrite is changeable, inexpensive, safer, cleaner and easy to hang. The human eye is drawn to light 5 to 6 times the ambient level. Like neon, SpellBrite’s intensity cuts through the clutter and delivers your message.  And unlike neon — which has no flexibility and is plagued with safety hazards, maintenance hassles and aesthetic challenges — SpellBrite is flexible, inexpensive, safe, environmentally sensitive, and easy to put together.

SpellBrite makes your messaging much more impactful, and has been proved to attract more customers and increase sales.

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