Hotel & Motel Signs

Illuminated neon or LED hotel signs are a great way to boost visibility (and customers) at your hotel or motel, and SpellBrite signs are even more effective than alternatives. Our signs shine come with 6 different brightness settings, 8 eye-catching animations, and a 30-day risk-free trial. Plus, SpellBrite uses modular click-together letters, meaning that you can create any sign message, then change it any time. All of this gives you incredible flexibility over your sign, making it so that you can change your hotel or motel signage to fit your business needs. You can easily toggle your NO VACANCY sign on and off to alert potential customers you’re open. You could also change it entirely to create a “CHECK IN” or “BAR” sign to direct guests around your facility.

Explore our collection of LED hotel and motel signs below, or create your own custom hotel sign to see the difference a SpellBrite sign could make for your bottom line.  

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You can customize any of these signs

Shop for ultra-bright SpellBrite hotel and motel signs to attract new guests. Choose from our best-selling sign messages, or create your own!

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Make sure weary travelers can see your hotel or motel when they’re searching for a place to stay by putting an LED sign in your window. SpellBrite LED signs are guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd and attract new customers to your business.

All SpellBrite signs, including this collection of our bestselling Hotel and Motel signs, use interchangeable LED letters that allow you to easily change your sign’s message as needed. Choose from one of these Hotel and Motel signs, or create your own custom message using our online sign builder. SpellBrite’s LED signs are available in your choice of red, white, green, or blue.

Light Up the Night

Hotels and motels do the bulk of their business after nightfall, which is why it’s important for their signs to be visible in the dark. This makes illuminated signs in particular a great solution for hotel and motel advertising.

When choosing which illuminated sign to buy, SpellBrite’s LED signs are the “brite” choice: they have all the eye-catching benefits of vintage motel signs made of neon, but they are safer, more energy-efficient, and less expensive than neon signs. Display a small motel LED sign in the office window to alert travelers of vacancies, Wi-Fi availability, and more.

A Better Alternative to Neon

The best part? All of SpellBrite’s LED signs use interchangeable characters, meaning that if you want to change your message, you can easily disconnect and reconnect the individual sign components rather than having to buy an entirely new sign.

Blast through the darkness and invite guests to your hotel or motel by ordering an affordable and efficient SpellBrite LED sign with a 30-day risk-free guarantee.