Tattoo & Piercing Signs (Neon look, LED light source)

With the competitive nature of the tattoo industry, it’s important to make sure your business stands out. Illuminated neon or LED tattoo signs are a great way to ensure that potential customers can find your business, and SpellBrite signs are even more effective than other sign solutions. A SpellBrite tattoo or piercing sign shines brighter, and is both more durable and more energy-efficient, than neon. Plus, with our modular click-together signs, you can make any sign message, then change it any time. Rotate advertised products and services, change your listed prices, or post a funny eye-catching message. SpellBrite also come with 6 brightness settings and 8 eye-catching animations to ensure maximum visibility for your tattoo parlor. Shop our tattoo and piercing signage below or create your own custom LED sign, and see results fast.

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Choose neon LED Tattoo or Piercing signs from SpellBrite that will make your business stand out from the crowd.

LED Tattoo and Piercing Signage

High-quality signs let customers know you mean business. SpellBrite LED signs deliver a sleek, professional look and user-friendly features. Choose from six brightness levels that range from nightlight-dim for interior use to ultra-bright to attract new customers off the street. Capture attention with included animation features that pulse or flash, and change your messaging whenever you like with our modular LED letters. Their click-together design lets you quickly and easily disassemble and reassemble individual sign components to reflect new prices, offer more services, or refine your brand.

Plus, these durable SpellBrite signs are made from plastic and shatterproof acrylic. You can hang them in your window, place them on a countertop, or mount them on a wall. Browse our pre-designed Tattoo and Piercing sign options so you can let people know whether you offer tattooing, piercing, or both, or highlight tattoo removal or other services you provide. You can even create a custom sign for your business. Orders ship in just one business day!

Risk-Free Guarantee

A tattoo may be permanent, but you don’t have to make a long-term commitment with SpellBrite. All our signs come with a 30-day risk-free trial. This means you can try your sign for a month, then return it if you’re not seeing increased sales. We’ll refund your purchase price, plus pay the cost of return shipping.