What colors are available?

We currently offer SpellBrite in red, white, blue or green.

Which colors are most visible?

At night all colors are highly visible. During the day red, white and green are more visible from a distance than blue for reasons of physics and biology. You can check this out yourself when you see any red open sign with a blue orbit. Back up slowly and the blue will fade away while the red holds strong. (Please watch for vehicles while doing this!) For this reason, if you want a bright sign for your window to attract passersby during the day, we recommend Red, White or Green SpellBrite.

What characters are available?

A through Z, 0 through 9, plus space, period, ampersand, quote, dollar sign, percent sign, apostrophe, and hyphen.

Are there different fonts or sizes of SpellBrite?

We currently offer one font and one size of SpellBrite. We selected this font and size, because it is very visible from a distance.

Do I need to purchase power supplies or other components separately?

No, when you use our sign builder (“Create A Sign”) to create a sign, it will configure all the components you need, including power supplies, end caps and other accessories if any. When the price comes up, click on "Sign Details +" and you will see all components needed (and included). Similarly, if you purchase one of the signs listed, say BEER TO-GO, it will include what you need (power supplies, end caps, etc). We want to make the purchase process easy, and with no surprises!

Can I use my SpellBrite sign outside?

The sign was developed as an indoor sign and is UL listed and warrantied for indoor use. We do not recommend it for outdoor use, but we understand that some customers have used the sign outdoors, typically placing it where it is protected from the elements.

How do I power my SpellBrite sign?

We offer multiple options: our 12V 1 Amp and 12V 3 Amp Power Supplies plug into any standard electrical outlet, our 12V AA Battery Pack will let you take your sign "on the go", and our 12V Car Adapter provides extended illumination using your 12V car/boat battery. We also offer a 10’ long DC extension cable if your power source is far from your sign.

What is the voltage?

12 volt, DC.

How many characters can run on your 1 Amp power supply and how many on your 3 Amp power supply?

Our “Create Your Sign” application will automatically tell you the power draw of your sign as you type, but a basic rule of thumb: 7 or fewer characters for red (5 or fewer for white, blue and green) will work with our 12V 1 Amp power supply and 8-21 characters for red (6-15 for white, blue and green) will work with our 12V 3 Amp power supply. SpellBrite will only pull the power it needs, so you can run 3 letters on our larger 12V3A power supply, for example, without issue. More than 15-21 letters often requires more than one power supply.

Are the end caps required to make a sign?

Yes, one End Cap Kit is required to complete each sign row. The kit contains the left end cap, right end cap, 2 hanging chains and 2 mounting hooks. The left end cap houses the power in/out jacks, on/off switch, dimmer control and the animation control. The left and right end caps include holes on the top and bottom corners for hanging

Is there a warranty?

SpellBrite comes with a one-year warranty. See warranty.

How do I clean my sign?

To clean, wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth. Never immerse SpellBrite in water or use solvents or chemicals to clean your sign.

Is there a maximum number of lines per sign?

You are really only limited by the height of your windows, although you may generate the greatest success by keeping your message succinct and to the point. Your customers are “on the go” and very busy these days. Make sure they can read your message with a quick turn of the head while driving by at 40-50 mph, day and night.

Is there a maximum number of letters in a sign row?

The number of letters on one sign row is usually limited by the width of your windows. This is easily solved by creating individual signs with end caps that fit within each window frame and mounting them at the same height. Our “Create Your Sign” application will tell you the exact width of your sign as you type your sign into the application. Try it here.

How do I choose a power supply?

Our sign builder (“Create Your Sign”) does that for you – it will select and include the power supply(ies) you need based on the sign you have created. The specific sign messages we list also come with the appropriate power supply. If you have a kit or are changing your sign message, you can use the “Create Your Sign” application to determine the power draw and make sure you are using the appropriate power supply(ies). Create the sign you want, and then click on the "Price This Sign." Button. When the price comes up, click on "Sign Details +" to see the power draw for each row and the whole sign. This will also show all components needed (and included) at the price listed.

What can I do if the SpellBrite sign is greater than 9 feet from a power outlet?

Use our 10’ DC Power Extension to extend the length of your SpellBrite AC/DC power supply or car adapter cord by 10 feet. The 10 Foot DC Power Extension is sold separately as an accessory. See it here.

How many power supplies do I need to power my two-row sign?

Each SpellBrite left end cap includes a built-in “Power IN” and a “Power OUT” jack so you can easily pass power from one sign row to another without having to use additional power supplies. Simply plug the power supply into the “Power IN” jack on row 1 and use our 2’ DC Jumper Cable to pass power from row 1 to row 2. As you build multi-row signs in our “Create Your Sign” application, the 2’ DC Power Jumper Cables will be added to your order as needed. Try it here.

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