SpellBrite, Optiva, and iLight

SpellBrite click-together letters were born from the technology developed by iLight Technologies, a pioneer and leader in innovative LED illumination solutions.  Founded in 1999, the company’s award-winning legacy of exceptional lighting products known for high brightness and smooth even glow was the seed that became SpellBrite.  Seeing tremendous growth opportunity with SpellBrite, we decided to sell the iLight architectural lighting business so we could spend all our energy on SpellBrite.  With the sale, we changed the company name from iLight Technologies to Optiva Technologies.  We have been awarded over 100 patents in the U.S. and international markets.

  • SpellBrite has received several prestigious awards:

      • Retailer Top Pick NACS trade
      • Best New Product ISA International Sign Expo
      • Chicago Innovation Award

Bright illuminated signs attract more customers, because they capture the attention of your prospects—the human eye is drawn to light five to six times the ambient level.

Printed signs lack impact in the day and fade away at night. The traditional light source for bright signs, neon, is fraught with numerous issues. That’s why we invented SpellBrite.

Sean Callahan, CEO of Optiva Signs

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