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SpellBrite LED Signs is a manufacturer of commercial grade illuminated window signage for business owners, retailers and professional offices. SpellBrite Signs simulate the bright look of neon using patented LED technology which provides lower energy costs, higher durability and a longer operating life than traditional glass neon signage. The SpellBrite signage system is made up of modular LED letters, numbers, symbols and accessories which link together to create any custom marketing message. SpellBrite offers individual LED letters for sale so restaurants, convenience stores, automotive repair shops, barbers, accountants, dentists, dry cleaners and other types of businesses can advertise any message to draw attention to their storefront, grow foot traffic and increase sales. Business owners typically use SpellBrite to announce seasonal store promotions, products and services offered, percent off sales, phone numbers, web site addresses, lunch combos, extended business hours or any other unique message. Because the letters are interchangeable, the shop owner can change their sign or create a new sign at any time. The company ships sign letters direct to businesses and stores domestically and internationally via their ecommerce site
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Want to see a guaranteed increase in sales at your auto or mechanic shop? Automotive signs, particularly illuminated automotive signs, are a great way to capture the attention of nearby potential customers. SpellBrite even guarantees it: if our signs don’t increase your sales, or if you don’t love your auto sign for any reason, you can simply return it within 30 days for a full refund. Our signs use ultra-bright, energy-efficient lights for heightened visibility, and a clean, crisp font for readability at a distance. Plus, all our signs use modular, click-together letters so that you can create any sign, then change it any time. Easily change your auto sign to rotate between advertising automotive repairs, tires, oil changes, and more, or adjust your prices or listed hours as needed.

Try SpellBrite risk-free today, and see what our business signs could do for your auto shop!

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Steer clear of automotive neon sign pitfalls with SpellBrite. Our ultra-bright neon LED automotive signs cost less and use much less energy than traditional neon while being safer, cooler to the touch, and more flexible. Drive more traffic to your auto repair shop or car sales business with LED neon car signs that are sure to help you lap the competition.

SpellBrite LED Automotive Signs

Highlight your auto services with eye-catching signage that saves you money in the long run. Not only do our ultra-bright LED signs shine bright even in daylight, but they also deliver lower utility bills than neon alternatives while drawing attention with animation options like flashing or pulsing. Choose from a pre-designed Auto Repair sign or Auto Service sign, or create a custom sign with any message you want.

SpellBrite signs are made with plastic and shatterproof acrylic, and they contain no mercury like traditional neon signs can. You can hang them in your shop window, set them on your service center countertop, or mount them to a garage wall. Plus, our click-together technology lets you quickly and easily disassemble the individual letters and reassemble them into new sign messages whenever you change prices or add services. This convenience and value makes SpellBrite LED automotive signs better than neon in every way.

Results for Your Automotive Business, Guaranteed

All our signs come with a 30-day risk-free trial that puts you in the driver’s seat. If you’re not satisfied with your sign, send it back and we’ll refund your purchase price, plus pay the cost of return shipping.