Make Custom Signs with Neon-like LED Sign Accessories

With SpellBrite accessories along with interchangeable LED numbers and other characters you can make any custom sign message you like. The signs look like neon, but you can change them any time. (To illuminate, SpellBrite signs need a power supply and an end cap set). Available accessories are listed below).

You can also type in your desired sign at Create Yours and the system will calculate and include the necessary end caps, power supplies and accessories.

Display :
You can customize any of these signs

How do you spell success? With interchangeable LED letters and numbers from SpellBrite! Accessories for our LED neon signs help you create a custom sign with any message you want to display. These accessories include remote controls, car adapters, and battery packs to give you everything you need to make the most of your sign so your business can attract more customers and increase sales.

Whatever You Want to Spell: Accessories for LED Signs

SpellBrite has changed the game by incorporating the ultra-bright look of neon into LED signs that offer maximum flexibility for your business. Our click-together technology lets you quickly and easily change your message anytime you like by disassembling and reassembling the individual letters of your sign. The accessories we offer let you go even further.

Battery Packs, End Caps and Much More

Need to add a line of text to your LED sign? SpellBrite makes it easy to add to your sign or change its configuration with jumper cables, hang tabs, and end caps sold separately. Want to take your business on the road? Use car adapters to power your sign and draw customers to your food truck with eye-catching brilliance. Don’t have access to AC power at your fair tent? No problem! A battery pack can light up eight letters for up to eight hours without an outlet before the batteries will need to be changed. From extension and jumper cables to extra end caps and hardware to hang your sign, SpellBrite accessories will take your sign to the next level.