Hair Salon Signs (Neon look, LED light source)

Hair styles may come and go but the SpellBrite signage system still looks great after many years of use. The modular SpellBrite system can be used to create customized messages to meet your specific needs. Neon signs may be an option for your business but don’t create an upscale image that salons are looking for. You can install the click together SpellBrite system yourself resulting in significant cost and time savings. SpellBrite signs offer an 180-degree viewing angle making it easier to be seen and read by more people. We have provided some suggested signs below but feel free to create your own to make your store truly unique.

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You can customize any of these signs

SpellBrite LED neon salon sign options let you showcase your salon’s high-end style. Skip the outdated, old-fashioned salon neon signs and refresh your beauty salon’s look with our ultra-bright LED hair salon signs.

SpellBrite Hair Salon Sign Ideas

Looking for an eco-friendly Salon Open sign? Need hair salon signs that showcase your special services, like Braiding or Eyebrow Threading? Want passersby to know you’re Open or that  Walk Ins are Welcome? SpellBrite has your LED beauty signs covered with all these and more popular and cost-effective pre-designed sign options. But if you have a vision of the perfect beauty salon sign idea for your business, you can that brings it to brilliant life. No matter which sign you choose, our LED neon salon signs feature changeable letters, which means your sign can be easily disassembled and reassembled to create a new message at any time.

Bright & Beautiful: Guaranteed 

You need a beauty salon sign that’s bright and eye-catching to draw attention. At SpellBrite, that’s exactly what you get! Our signs outshine daylight, use up to 70% less energy than neon signs, and stay cool to the touch. They’re also made with plastic and impact-resistant acrylic, so they’re much more durable that traditional salon neon signs. We’re so certain that our ultra-bright LED signs will increase your sales that our signs come with a 30-day risk-free trial.