Make Custom Signs with Neon-like LED Letters

Make any custom sign message you like with SpellBrite interchangeable LED Letters. These signs have that striking impact of neon signs, and you can change the sign any time. (To illuminate, SpellBrite signs need a power supply and an end cap set. These are available on the accessories page. You can also type in your desired sign at Create Yours and the system will calculate and include the necessary end caps, power supplies and accessories.)

Display :
You can customize any of these signs

Create custom LED signs that last longer, shine brighter, and use less energy than neon with SpellBrite letters. Advertise a sale, highlight holiday specials, or promote seasonal services with these interchangeable LED letters.

Custom LED Neon Signs for Any Business

From long-established companies to new startups, every business needs eye-catching signage. LED custom letters from SpellBrite put you in charge of your messaging with the our click-together technology. Simply disassemble, rearrange, and reassemble your custom sign letters to reflect an evolving brand, price fluctuations, or other day-to-day changes or announcements. Choose all the individual letters you need right here, and if you’re looking for numbers, we have those too!

Please note that you will need a power supply and end cap set to illuminate your sign. You can find those on our accessories page. You can also design your LED sign with the help of our user-friendly Create Yours feature. It calculates instant, inclusive pricing for everything you’ll need to make your sign a reality.

The SpellBrite Difference

SpellBrite LED signs are better than neon. The durable letters are encased in impact-resistant acrylic and housed in a plastic frame for lightweight durability and safety. They outshine the competition in daylight and after dark. Plus, orders ship on the next business day, and all our signs come with a risk-free 30-day guarantee. Choosing SpellBrite LED neon signs is a brilliant business decision!