SpellBrite signage is perfect for restaurant signs, store signs, business signs, or any custom message.

Neon-LED Signs

SpellBrite ultra-bright LED signs look like neon signs, but have all the benefits of LEDs – the light from the individual LEDs is diffused into a smooth, bright line of light. Using SpellBrite click-together letters, numbers and symbols, you can build any custom sign message and change it any time you want.

  • Bright, illuminated signs attract more customers, because the human eye is drawn to light 5 to 6 times the ambient level.
  • Printed signs lack impact during the day and fade away at night. In short, print softly asks for attention, while SpellBrite grabs it.
  • With LEDs rated for 80,000 hours and SpellBrite’s changeability, your SpellBrite signage will attract customers for years to come.
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(Above photos are of SpellBrite red letters. The intense brightness of the red letters can make them look white or orange in photos.)

Endless Possibilities

Use SpellBrite to keep your storefront fresh and relevant with messages that attract more customers. Tell the world about your new promotion, sale, service—anything that makes your business stand out. This is your chance to grab the attention of your local customer base and draw them in. Use your SpellBrite “click-together” signage system to test, measure and repeat your way to success!

  • Highlight Your Specials

  • Stand Out From Competitors

  • List Products & Services

  • Announce Your Extras

You’re only limited by your imagination.

Create A Custom Sign!

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Multi-Character Kits

You can buy just the SpellBrite sign message you want. Or, to get the maximum value, you can buy a multi-character kit and change your message anytime:
      • test multiple messages, promotions, and price specials to find the most compelling to prospective customers;
      • change signs for seasonal or timely opportunities;
      • modify general messaging to keep your storefront fresh; or
      • simply rotate the products and services you highlight with SpellBrite.

When you change messages, current and prospective customers will have a much greater understanding of the breadth of products and services you offer and the value you provide. And this often leads to more new customers, increased visits per customer, and a higher average transaction amount.

Get Your Business Noticed

Our customers have reported sales increases of up to 40% by using SpellBrite to promote their unique message to the customers in their immediate market area.

“My Goodness, they pay for themselves within the first week and a half. ”

Patrick Cunningham, Owner, Pizza Bella – Dallas, PA

“Once we put up the first SpellBrite sign, the exposure just went off the charts. Within a week, it literally paid for itself.”

Steve Scaglione, Owner, Maurizio’s Pizza & Sports Bar, St. Louis, MO

“Promoting the ‘cash in a flash program’ with my SpellBrite sign helped me achieve a 53% fee increase over the prior year.”

Ralph Guisti, Franchisee, Liberty Tax, Belchertown, MA

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Sold over 1,000,000 units

SpellBrite is the ultra-bright signage system that successful businesses use to attract more customers.

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Why SpellBrite?

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  • Ultra-bright.

  • LED light source.

  • Crisp & Professional.

  • Award winning product.

  • UL listed.

  • Installation
    is a snap.

  • Use. Reuse. Repeat.

  • Durable.

  • Long life.

  • Get it fast.

  • Ultra-Bright

  • LED

  • Flexible

  • Affordable

Better Than Neon

SpellBrite is changeable, inexpensive, safer, cleaner and easy to hang. The human eye is drawn to light 5 to 6 times the ambient level. Like neon, SpellBrite’s intensity cuts through the clutter and delivers your message.  And unlike neon — which has no flexibility and is plagued with safety hazards, maintenance hassles and aesthetic challenges — SpellBrite is flexible, inexpensive, safe, environmentally sensitive, and easy to put together.

SpellBrite makes your messaging much more impactful, and has been proved to attract more customers and increase sales.

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