Spanish / Español Signs (Neon look, LED light source)

When catering to Spanish-speaking or bilingual audiences, utilizing signage in Spanish (or both Spanish and English) will help ensure you’re reaching your full sales potential. Illuminated signs, like Spanish neon signs, are particularly effective at achieving this goal. These signs are more visible during both the day and night, attracting customers during all hours. SpellBrite’s signs are even brighter than neon, and use energy-efficient LED lights to save on your energy bill. Best of all, our signs use click-together technology so that you can create any sign, then change it any time. Alternate between English and Spanish signs, rotate advertised products and specials, change your listed hours, and more!

Browse our sign collection below to find your new Spanish neon LED sign, or create your own custom sign. Plus, buy today and you can try SpellBrite risk-free for 30 days.

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An old-fashioned Spanish neon sign may seem like a great idea, but it won’t save you money while bringing in more customers like SpellBrite LED light signs will. For businesses that serve Spanish-speaking customers or offer dual-language services, our ultra-bright Spanish neon LED signs can make all the difference in reaching customers.

Signage En Español: Spanish Signs for Business Use

Think getting two versions of an LED neon sign, one in Spanish and one in English, is too expensive for your company’s budget? SpellBrite will make you think again! Our high-quality LED signage is better than neon in several ways, including a price tag that’s up to 50% less than traditional custom neon signs. That means your money goes twice as far in reaching potential customers.

SpellBrite LED neon signs also offer superior energy efficiency, safety, and flexibility. SpellBrite LEDs use up to 70% less energy than neon and are encased in durable, shatterproof acrylic. Plus, our patented click-together technology means you can disassemble and reassemble your LED signs into new messages whenever you like.

Whether you’re serving up Spanish food, offering dual-language money exchanges, or providing tax services for Spanish-speaking clients, it’s never been easier to highlight your company’s multi-lingual services than with SpellBrite signs in Spanish!

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We’re so sure your Spanish LED neon signs will increase your sales that SpellBrite signs come with a risk-free 30-day trial to prove it. If you’re not satisfied, send your Spanish language sign back and we’ll refund your entire purchase price, plus pay the cost of return shipping.