Special Characters

Make any custom sign message you like with SpellBrite interchangeable LED Special Characters. These signs have that striking impact of neon signs, and you can change the sign any time. (To illuminate, SpellBrite signs need a power supply and an end cap set. These are available on the accessories page. You can also type in your desired sign at Create Yours and the system will calculate and include the necessary end caps, power supplies and accessories.)

Display :
You can customize any of these signs

Want to make your custom sign really stand out? Go beyond basic messaging with ultra-bright SpellBrite LED neon characters. From punctuation marks to hashtags, these individual characters may be just what your SpellBrite sign needs to convey your message perfectly.

Special LED Neon Characters for Your Sign

Do you prefer the curvy and cost-effective appeal of an ampersand to spelling out the word “and”? Do you need to display an important hashtag for your fans to follow? Are you promoting sales that include a percentage discount? You’re in the right place! These LED neon characters elevate your custom signage with complete versatility. Our click-together technology allows you to change up your messaging anytime — just rearrange and reassemble the letters however you like. Adding special characters to the mix expands the possibilities for including web addresses, sales offers and more on your ultra-bright SpellBrite sign.

SpellBrite Technology

At SpellBrite, we’re committed to helping your business succeed. Not only do we help you create affordable custom LED signs that are energy efficient, cool to the touch, and brighter than daylight, but we also ship orders on the next business day. Plus, all signs come with a risk-free 30-day trial; if your sales don’t increase, we’ll refund your purchase price, plus pay the cost of return shipping. Now that’s brilliant!