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  • 29.9″ W x 6.3″ H x 1.5″ D
  • Ultra-bright Red LEDs
  • Get a sign that has the bright, striking impact of neon, but uses LEDs and so has all the benefits of LEDs: longer life, lower energy usage, durable and more
  • Long life LEDs rated for 80,000 hours
  • Blast through window tint, even in full daylight
  • SpellBrite is light, very durable and powered by LEDs, allowing you to place it within reach of customers
  • Includes power supply, end caps, chains, hooks, and (if multi-row sign) hang tabs
  • The power cord is 9.5 feet long. 10 foot extension cords are available on the accessories page for additional length
  • Each letter, number, character and accessory individually packaged for convenient organization and storage when not in use
  • Uses SpellBrite Click-Together Letters – these are full interchangeable. With SpellBrite you can make this sign or any other sign message you like, and change it any time

Attract more customers with a Vacancy sign that has the striking impact of neon, all the benefits of LEDs, and fully interchangeable letters.

A SpellBrite Vacancy sign is perfect for showing potential customers there’s plenty of room available for them. With a SpellBrite LED vacancy sign, you’ll be able to broadcast that your hotel, motel, or hostel is open for business to customers from distances of over 500 feet away.

Similar to a Vacancy neon sign, a SpellBrite LED sign shines bright throughout the day and night to help your business stand out to potential customers. Although Spellbrite does not create an outdoor vacancy sign, our signs are bright enough to shout even through tinted windows. The SpellBrite Vacancy sign also comes with 8 animation settings, including flashing, pulsing, and static, to give your business a competitive edge.

When It Works Too Well, Just Change It!

Once your sign draws in new customers and you no longer have any vacancy, your SpellBrite sign makes it easy to communicate that. Simply use the On/Off switch on the end cap to turn the sign off, or add a second row with “NO” on top. Animations and the On/Off switch are controlled by the individual sign row, making it easy to toggle back and forth between “VACANCY” and “NO VACANCY.” You can check out our No Vacancy signs here, or design your own custom sign message here.

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Weight 5.1 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 in
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  • Ultra-bright.

  • LED light source.

  • Crisp & Professional.

  • Award winning product.

  • UL listed.

  • Installation
    is a snap.

  • Use. Reuse. Repeat.

  • Durable.

  • Long life.

  • Get it fast.

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Endless Possibilities

Do you change your menu seasonally or offer reduced pricing for a limited time? Use SpellBrite’s flexible system to change your sign as often as your entrees. When you extend business hours or add a service, show the world what you’ve got. SpellBrite’s stopping power builds business!

  • Highlight Your Specials

  • Stand Out From Competitors

  • List Products & Services

  • Announce Your Extras

You’re only limited by your imagination. Make your own message now!

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Custom bright LED sign letter neon sign features Custom bright LED sign letter neon sign features

SpellBrite Commercial Grade Window Signage

  • ToughImpact-resistant ABS terpolymer housing
  • RadiantConvex waveguide for 180° viewing
  • Attractive & ProfessionalInjection-molded design for clean, sharp font angles and corners
  • SmartCaptive screws won’t fall out after unscrewing
  • CleanNo exposed wires. All electronics fully encased
  • RobustEmbedded copper blade/receptable connectors for solid contact and longevity
  • UnstoppableImpact-resistant acrylic waveguide with infused dye won’t wash out in direct sunlight
  • IntensePowered by tight groupings of ultra-bright 5mm red LEDs to blast through window tint
  • Built to LastThreaded brass inserts to prevent thread stripping
  • Cool to the TouchEnergy-efficient design dissipates heat

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