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The SpellBrite system lets you set up an attention-grabbing sign in a matter of minutes. Now you can create a super-bright, attractive sign that gets customers looking at your message when and where you need them.

Installation is a snap.

Letters easily snap together to form any message you want—build an entire sign in under 10 minutes.

Be dazzLED.

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) = long life, lower energy costs, better durability, and increased safety.


Letters can be used over and over again and combined to create different signs.

Crisp and professional.

SpellBrite’s spectacularly smooth and attractive contours of ultra-bright light are sure to complement your storefront’s motif.

Pick up and go.

Light but sturdy construction can be easily moved, rearranged, stored, shipped and cleaned, and accidental bumps won’t break it.


Letters POP day and night. Use SpellBrite’s onboard dimming and animation effects for maximum attention-getting.

Get it fast.

Order today and get it PDQ. SpellBrite ships the next day, while neon signs typically require a 3 to 4 week lead time.

Custom bright LED sign letter neon sign features Custom bright LED sign letter neon sign features

SpellBrite Commercial Grade Window Signage

  • ToughImpact-resistant ABS terpolymer housing
  • RadiantConvex waveguide for 180° viewing
  • Attractive & ProfessionalInjection-molded design for clean, sharp font angles and corners
  • SmartCaptive screws won’t fall out after unscrewing
  • CleanNo exposed wires. All electronics fully encased
  • RobustEmbedded copper blade/receptable connectors for solid contact and longevity
  • UnstoppableImpact-resistant acrylic waveguide with infused dye won’t wash out in direct sunlight
  • IntensePowered by tight groupings of ultra-bright 5mm red LEDs to blast through window tint
  • Built to LastThreaded brass inserts to prevent thread stripping
  • Cool to the TouchEnergy-efficient design dissipates heat
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