SpellBrite Restaurant Signs Get the Phones Ringing



Steve Scaglione owns a restaurant and banquet facility called “Voce,”  which means “voice” in Italian.

Business had been slow, and Scaglione began looking at his signage, thinking about how he could stand
 out more.

 “Our corner, where we are located, was kind of dark,” he says. “My landlord would not let me get neon signs.”

So Scaglione began shopping around. He found SpellBrite custom LED signs at the National Restaurant Association trade show and bought his first sign at the show.  After getting the first two “MAURIZIO'S PIZZA & SPORTS BAR” signs last year, he could see the value the signs brought to his business and soon bought several more. Some say “OPEN,” and he customized one to display a phone number.

“Once we put the first SpellBrite sneon-led-sign-restaurant-phone-numberign up, the exposure just went off the charts. Within a week, it literally
paid for itself. I started getting two to three calls a day about the banquet facility. Now I get up to 40 calls a week,” he says.

He has nine SpellBrite signs up now. “I am thinking about buying a few more,” he says. “People can see them, and I get a lot of comments. They are very visible even a 100 feet away. They really just put us on the map as far as exposure.”

Scaglione also appreciates that the signs are energy-efficient, thanks to LED technology. “Our SpellBrite signs are so much brighter than neon, but you are not using much electricity at all. We just keep them on 24 hours a day.”

Another plus, he says, is that “if you break a letter you can just take the old one out and click a new one in. With neon, if you break a letter, the sign is done.”

pizza-neon-led-spellbrite-signScaglione considers his SpellBrite signs a smart investment. “They paid for themselves in 30 days as far as additional traffic and exposure – just from the visibility of the sign. And, I will have them for a very long time.”

He would definitely recommend SpellBrite signage for any small business. “I can’t tell you how much
they’ve done to give us visibly in the street. I just got off the phone with somebody who called me from the sign,” he laughs. “It is an eye catcher.”


spellbrite-neon-led-restaurant-sign-34 neon-led-restaurant-sign led-bar-signs

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