How Jay Clarida uses SpellBrite to his Benefit

LED neon barbershop custom sign

Jay Clarida had been running a successful barbershop in Elmhurst, Illinois when a patron and friend suggested Jay try a SpellBrite sign to promote his business.  Initially reluctant to make the investment, Jay finally decided to give it a try.  He was shocked by the results.

“Business was good so I didn’t think a SpellBrite sign would do much, but I gave it a try and got a sign that says JMCBARBERSHOP.COM.  Am I glad I did!  Customer traffic and sales increased almost immediately.” said Jay.  In fact, a few months after adding the ultra-bright LED SpellBrite sign, Jay added a third barber to take advantage of the increased traffic.  “The value of the sign really hit home when a new customer, who was drawn in by the sign, asked if we had just opened.  We’ve been here for 7 years and he never noticed us!  Now, my business is up over 40%.”

To continually attract attention, Jay has been alternating the animations of the neon-like sign from flashing to pulsing to static, but then he decided to step things up.  With SpellBrite’s click-together design, Jay was able to change his one row sign of JMCBARBERSHOP.COM to a three row sign that says JMC (new row) BARBER (new row) SHOP.  Now he pulses or flashes just the row BARBER.  Immediately customers began asking Jay if he got a new sign, and new folks have been drawn in.  Jay plans to use this configuration of the SpellBrite sign for a month or two and then change it again.

“I certainly didn’t expect it, but SpellBrite has been great for business.  And every time I change the sign, everybody notices.” says Jay.

LED neon barbershop custom changeable sign

JMC Barbershop:

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