SpellBrite Goes to the Movies


Paul Siegel is a film enthusiast, with an appreciation for all great cinema. He undertook a do-it-yourself project to create a home theater in his basement and found that a SpellBrite LED sign provided just the right touch Paul needed to complete his home theater.

Along with leather seating, a massive screen, and his collection of vintage movie projectors and posters, Siegel added a snack counter, behind which hangs his SpellBrite sign that says “CINE SNAX.”

He originally had searched for a neon sign. He even bought one, but found the light was too harsh. So he began searching for a neon alternative. An online search led him to www.spellbrite.com, where Siegel, an industrial designer, was immediately impressed by SpellBrite’s design and utility. After deciding exactly what he wanted his sign to say, he placed his order.

He was thrilled when it arrived, quickly assembled and mounted it in the nook where guests can get popcorn, candy and refreshments.  Siegel was delighted that, although the SpellBrite sign was brighter than his neon sign, the SpellBrite sign has a dimmer that allows him to set the light output at an appropriate level for his home theater.

“It’s great! I like the fact that you can adjust the intensity. It really makes the snack area pop.”

When he hosts gatherings of two movie groups each month, the sign always draws comments. “Everyone who has seen it loves it,” he says.


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