How price promotion signs increase sales


Customers who use SpellBrite signs to announce price promotions and value deals tell us these messages are very effective at increasing traffic and sales. 

As you know, a SpellBrite sign with a compelling message pulls in customers and increases sales. SpellBrite grabs the customer’s attention, and then you find out how compelling the message is. Do customers come in and make a purchase? Since price is an important factor to most customers, price promotions often do bring in more customers and sales.

It’s no surprise that business owners may not think to use a bright, illuminated window sign to highlight their promotions. For decades, the only option for an illuminated window sign was neon. Unlike SpellBrite, neon signs are very expensive and not changeable. You are stuck with the neon sign as it was made until someone accidentally breaks it.

SpellBrite’s click-together design has created a tremendous opportunity. Now you can test messages and promotions to find out which pull in the most customers and sales.


Using a restaurant as an example, Shawn Kanchwala from Taylor Street Pizza in Carpentersville, IL used the SpellBrite sign “ANY 2 SLICES $5.50” to increase his combo meal sales by more than 20%. Read more here.

Large chains (McDonald’s, Subway, Walgreens, H&R Block, etc.) spend hundreds of millions of dollars advertising their promotions. With a SpellBrite sign you can get broad awareness among your target customers with even just one location. Most importantly, unlike most other marketing tools (TV, local newspapers, Facebook, Google, coupon books, mailers, etc.), many customers will see your SpellBrite message at a time when they can immediately make a purchase.

So advertise your price promotions, include your phone number in your front window, and highlight your percent off sale. Continually test promotions to find those that bring in the most customers and sales!

All the best,
Sean Callahan


See what SpellBrite customers said about their SpellBrite signs at the International Pizza Expo 2017 in our recap video below.

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