Chance Encounter Inspires SpellBrite Super-User

When a bright sign saying “LABOR DAY HOURS 8AM-2PM” caught Scott Martin’s attention, he knew right away he was seeing something very unique.

"It was so specific I knew the store had to be able to change the message.  I immediately thought of all the fun I could have with a changeable sign that looks like neon.  I walked into the store and got the brand name directly off the sign."

As his curiosity followed him home, Scott began to imagine all the possibilities, all the messages he could create with SpellBrite. A quick Google search and he found what he was looking for – “Bingo”. Committed from the very beginning, Scott purchased two multi-character kits – and now the fun began…


Whatever Scott wanted, for any occasion, SpellBrite was up to the task. He was hooked. There was just one problem… Scott wanted to go bigger. For that he would need more. How much more? 4 SpellBrite multi-character kits more. Enough letters, numbers, and symbols for… well… anything...



There’s truly nothing holding him back now, and Scott has no intentions of slowing down. "I hope to have one (fun/creative slogan) a month once I get on a roll."  As he embraces his transition from curious consumer to SpellBrite super-user, we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!


PS: Like what Scott’s clicking together? Stay tuned for more details, more pictures, and more fun as SpellBrite partners with him to bring you the “Slogan of the Month!"

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