SpellBrite’s Custom LED Signage System Helps New Franchisee Gain Foothold in Market


Metal Supermarkets’ customer traffic increased significantly after adding a SpellBrite sign.

With SpellBrite’s Neon-LED letters, I could create the message I wanted”

Gary Ainsworth owns and operates a Metal Supermarkets® franchise that he opened in the Boston metropolitan area in 2014. A metals distributor that caters to small quantity buyers, Metal Supermarkets serves a wide and diverse range of industries.

Ainsworth had a healthy first year in business, due in part to two SpellBrite LED signs he customized specifically to draw shoppers into his shop. The window signs both display “OPEN TO THE PUBLIC” — one for each direction of traffic in the light industrial area where his shop is located.

Choosing SpellBrite Neon-LED Signs

The challenge for Ainsworth was that his franchise was the first in the area.

“We’ve enjoyed bringing the metal micro distributor experience to the Boston market,” he says. “But since we were a new brand and a new experience, my general manager suggested we get some window signs to convey we’re open to the public. We needed a cost-effective solution to let potential customers know they could drop by our warehouse space and help themselves.”

Ainsworth researched a number of options, including custom neon signs, before deciding on SpellBrite.

“We love our SpellBrite LED signs,” he says. “The first sign probably paid for itself immediately.”

SpellBrite’s Many Advantages Over Neon Signs

The SpellBrite LED signage system is a more flexible, safer alternative to the traditional neon sign. Easy to create and customize, SpellBrite offers the brightness of neon signs at half the cost, with all the benefits that an LED sign can offer: longer life, low energy costs, and higher durability

“With SpellBrite’s Neon-LED letters, I could create the message I wanted using the sign builder feature on the web site — www.SpellBrite.com,” he says. Plus, ordering was easy. “You don’t have to be technical.”

Once his SpellBrite signs arrived, Ainsworth was surprised at how easy the sign letters were to assemble and install, as well as how much light they emit. “They’re very effective and bright. Compared to neon or DOT LEDs, these look much more refined and professional.”


“The signs’ contrast and brightness catch people’s attention. Many folks said they noticed us only after the signs were installed.”

Energy efficiency is another plus. Compared to a neon sign, a SpellBrite custom sign uses up to 70 percent less energy, while still being highly visible both night and day.

SpellBrite Custom LED Signs: The Result

It turns out that “OPEN TO THE PUBLIC” was the missing piece Ainsworth needed to get customers in the door — 1,200 came through that first year.

“The signs’ contrast and brightness catch people’s attention,” he says. “Many folks said they noticed us only after the signs were installed. We look forward to many more customer successes in the years to come.”

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