Here’s How Smoke Shop Signs Could Boost Your Sales

The smoke shop business is an extremely competitive one. Plus, with the many restrictions placed on digital advertising in the industry, it can be especially difficult to stand out from the crowd. One effective marketing strategy for your smoke shop or CBD dispensary is to use illuminated smoke shop signs. Whether you want to advertise your cannabis-based products with a CBD sign or a Weed sign, draw attention to trending products with a Kratom sign or a Delta 8 sign, or advertise a classic smoke shop product with a Cigars sign or Tobacco sign, using LED signage is a great way to showcase your products and expand your customer base. Below, we’ll explore the best strategies for selecting a smoke shop sign that will effectively increase your sales.

Advertising Restrictions for Smoke Shops and CBD Dispensaries

Unlike many other businesses, smoke shops often face extremely strict digital advertising restrictions. This is primarily due to the nature of products sold, which often include age-restricted substances like tobacco and cannabis. Major digital advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have stringent policies preventing advertising for these products. These restrictions can pose a serious challenge for smoke shop owners trying to market their business. 

As a result, these smoke shop owners have to explore more creative advertising tactics. Organic social media engagement, partnerships with relevant websites, and local marketing tactics like smoke shop signs are some examples of these. In particular, utilizing smoke shop signs can be a great way to showcase your business’s products and reach new potential customers in your local community.

Changing Trends in the Industry

As you consider what type of sign would be best for your smoke shop – whether that is a neon sign, an LED sign, a sandwich board sign, or a feather banner sign – there are a few important things to consider.

  1. Visibility

Visibility is arguably the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to smoke shop signs. Even if your sign has the most compelling message possible, if nobody can see it, nobody will be drawn to shop at your business. This can sometimes dictate the type of sign that is best for your business. In particular, illuminated signs are often a better choice because they stand out both day and night, are readable from further away, and are more likely to catch the eyes of nearby traffic than their print counterparts.

When considering the visibility of a sign, you’ll want to think about the angle at which it is visible. (SpellBrite signs are easily legible at 180 degrees, but many signs are not.) It's also important to factor in both size and font. While some signs feature crisp and clean edges, many use stylized fonts or dot LEDs that can blur the message. This can make it so that while customers can see your sign, they can’t read your sign, rendering the sign significantly less effective.

  1. Safety

Safety is an extremely important aspect of a sign to consider, though it can often fall by the wayside in favor of a lower price. You’ll want to ensure a safe shopping experience for your customers both to encourage previous customers to return and to avoid any potential liability issues. This is particularly important in the case of illuminated signs.

While neon signs are known to be potentially hazardous (with dangerously high amounts of voltage and easily breakable glass), cheap LED signs can also be dangerous. Many LED sign companies will cut corners to keep costs down, which can not only lead to a lower-quality product but also to electrical issues with your sign. When selecting a sign, you’ll want to make sure that the sign has some sort of safety certification. In particular, you’ll want to check to see if the sign is UL or CE certified. Both ratings show that the sign you’ve chosen has been tested and is safe for use in your business.

  1. Longevity

There are two aspects to a sign’s longevity that you’ll want to consider. The first is obvious. If you’re investing your hard-earned dollars into a sign, you want to ensure that the sign will last. In most cases, longer-lasting signs will be slightly more expensive. However, they will last much longer, and are oftentimes considerably brighter and thus more visible than cheaper alternatives. This can help boost sales, meaning that the higher-quality sign can pay for itself within weeks (or possibly within days, as some previous SpellBrite customers have reported).

The second element to a sign’s longevity is harder to predict, and it involves selecting a sign message. Trends in the smoke shop industry constantly change. For example, while tobacco products like cigarettes and cigars remain popular, they have experienced declining sales over time as health concerns and changing attitudes toward smoking have influenced consumer preferences. Conversely, there has also been a significant rise in sales of alternative smoking products like vaporizers and e-cigarettes. Similarly, CBD-based products, like topical creams, seltzers, and edibles derived from hemp or cannabis plants, have seen a dramatic rise in popularity as more states have legalized them.

Consequently, it can be difficult to select sign messages that will be equally as effective for years to come. For example, signs like a Weed sign, a Delta 8 sign, a Kratom sign, or a CBD sign would best represent current bestselling products, but this would have been difficult to predict ten years ago. This is even harder in this digital age; all it takes is a single TikTok trend, and a previously unknown product could suddenly be leaping off the shelf. This is also why we designed the SpellBrite signage system: to grant business owners maximum flexibility in their LED signs.

SpellBrite Smoke Shop Signs

Staying ahead of the curve is essential for smoke shop owners. As trends change and customer preference evolves, having highly visible illuminated signage that can be customized to account for changes in the smoke shop industry is a game-changer in growing sales. That’s where SpellBrite’s LED smoke shop signs come in. Our signs offer an array of benefits that are perfectly suited to the fast-paced nature of the industry.

SpellBrite is Constantly Changeable to Fit Industry Trends

The smoke shop industry is known for its rapidly changing trends and customer demands. SpellBrite lets you change your signage any time with our click-together LED letters, numbers, and special characters. Simply disconnect and reconnect individual sign components to build thousands of different messages to fit your exact business needs. With SpellBrite’s click-together smoke shop signs, you have the flexibility to update your messaging and promoted products any time you like.

Whether you want to showcase the latest CBD products, highlight the newest vape flavors, or promote limited-time offers, SpellBrite signs allow you to easily change your messages to hyper-target your advertising and maximize sales growth. This will make it easier for your advertising to stay relevant and adapt to emerging trends. Taking advantage of this will give you a competitive edge in attracting customers and driving sales. Our signs are also built to last your business for years. With high-quality materials and innovative LED technology, SpellBrite is a great investment into the future of your business.

Ultra-Bright and Attention-Grabbing:

When it comes to advertising your smoke shop, visibility is key. SpellBrite’s LED signs shine ultra-bright, capturing the attention of nearby passersby and drawing them inside your store. A SpellBrite smoke shop sign will stand out even on a crowded city street or when placed behind tinted glass. Plus, with 8 different animations and 6 brightness settings, you can maximize your sign’s visibility to attract even more customers. We also guarantee that our signs will increase your sales. Not satisfied with your purchase for any reason? Simply return your sign within 30 days for a full refund. We’ll even pay the cost of return shipping!

Not Sure Where to Start?

You can directly purchase some of our bestselling signs by clicking on the respective link. Some popular choices by other smoke shop owners include our CBD sign, Kratom sign, Delta 8 sign, THC sign, Weed sign, and Cigars sign. You can also browse our full collection of smoke shop signs. Alternatively, you can create your very own custom sign, or use one of SpellBrite’s multi-character kits for maximum flexibility. All of our signs click together, so you can easily transform any SpellBrite sign into a new sign message. As your business needs change, your sign can too!

We also offer free sign consultations. Simply reach out to us by email at [email protected] or by phone at (312)575-9620. Let us know a bit more about what you’re trying to accomplish with your smoke shop sign. We’ll put our 20+ years of experience in the lighting and signage industries to good use, giving you some of our best recommendations on what signs could be most effective at increasing your sales.

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