Look Familiar?

Then take 3 seconds to answer this question…
How does this view make you feel?

Three…two…one. Time’s up!

Your windows have about 3 seconds to grab a passerby’s attention – even less if they’re driving by!

SpellBrite won’t let those words – or more importantly, that foot traffic – escape you. Ever.

It’s an easy, low-cost solution for turning those make/break seconds of purchase potential into customer relationships that can span decades.

And discovering how SpellBrite delivers this can be as eye opening to your customers, as for your profitability.

Top 7 Ways
SpellBrite Will Spell
Success for You

SpellBrite characters combine LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) and proprietary technology to create a neon-like ultra-brightness that blasts through window tint in a smooth, even line of light that’s nearly as loud in daylight as it is at night.

Click-together letters make assembling any imaginable words or sentences a snap—literally. Includes all mounting/hanging hardware and plug-in power equipment that can have you up and shining in as little as 10 minutes!

SpellBrite systems can be set to flash, pulse, or static, and illuminate at a half-dozen brightness settings—allowing you to express the kinds of message animations that help better move your products and services.

LEDs rated at 80,000 hours of non-stop use, SpellBrite’s light-yet-rugged polymer construction plus letter to letter screw reinforcements provide an impact-resistant, built-to-last performance that will outshine neon’s fragility at every bump, bang or drop.

Priced up to 50% less than the cost of neon, SpellBrite’s ultra-brightness comes at an affordably low power usage too—just 36 Watts can power up to 22 letters! And you can save even more by taking advantage of our special offers too!

SpellBrite’s patented click-together engineering affords you endless flexibility, versatility and possibility for whatever you’d want to expresses—then change—any time you wish. A convenienc!e that practically pays for itself compared to a neon sign’s one-time permanence.

For putting that special kind of exclamation on a specific message you need to promote, SpellBrite’s effectiveness speaks volumes. In fact, our customers report sales increases of 10% - 30%+ after hanging their SpellBrite signs.

Customized Daily Performance

To The Letter! By The Numbers!

Word power in lights…
that you create to shout out, stand out and sell out of your brilliantly advertised products and services.


Now That’s Cool!

From heatless light streams to brightness and motion that you can control, SpellBrite puts powerful sales expressions safely and simply at your fingertips…A thru Z, 1-2-3! (not to mention 4-9, + 0).

1Cool to the Touch

Low-voltage, energy efficient dissipation keeps SpellBrite cool to the touch and allows it to be comfortably placed within reach of customers and employees.

2Accessible Control Panel

Puts all settings in convenient reach on the left end cap.

3Choice of Brightness

Features 6 pushbutton settings ranging from nightlight dim to piercingly ultra-bright.

4Eye-Catching Animations

Modular rows can animate among 8 pushbutton settings to flash, pulse or remain static.

5Easy ON/OFF Switching

Convenient toggle button powers each row ON or OFF. Eliminates any unnecessary bending, crawling or reaching to unplug.

6Wall to Wall Power

12V power source plugs into any standard wall outlet.

7Reinforced Connection Points

With click-in-place, screw-locking connections to strengthen frame integrity plus stay-in-place captive screws that won’t ever detach to get lost or misplaced.

8Clutter Free

All letter-to-letter power wires and electronics stay safely unexposed and encased within the modular frame.


Go With A Best-Speller!

Word is out on why SpellBrite frequently pays for itself in such a short time. Discover what successful business owners have come to depend on, to create on, and to bank on for bringing greater numbers of customers through their doors, and more dollars into their bank accounts.

What Customers are Saying…

“People even stop their car, read my sign, park, and come in asking for my hotdog combo. (SpellBrite’s) so bright, you can see it all day and night from across the parking lot to the street.” READ MORE>>

Sam Fallico, Owner
Big Sammy’s Hotdogs, Elgin, IL

“Once we put up the first SpellBrite sign, the exposure just went off the charts. Within a week, it literally paid for itself. It’s an eye-catcher!” READ MORE>>


Steve Scaglione, Owner
Maurizio’s Pizza & Sports, St. Louis, MO


 What the Industry is Saying…

The marketing industry knows a good thing when they see it. Little wonder SpellBrite has also won the approval of numerous critics and visual communication associations to award-winning acclaim:

Winner, Chicago Innovation Awards

Recipients of this noted endorsement reflect the apex of visionary pioneers committed to keeping innovation a thriving, forward-moving pursuit within America’s Midwest.

Best New Product
ISA Innovation EXPO

The venue is widely considered the premier graphics and visual communications event among signage industry decision makers seeking to push the innovation limits of visual marketing messaging.

Cool New Products
NACS Trade Show

SpellBrite earned the top honor appearing at the NACS (National Association of Convenience Stores) trade show. Taking top prize over a record-breaking 306 new products featured!

Start Spelling & Increase Selling!

Ordering SpellBrite is as easy as 1, 2, or 3.

1. Want to rotate custom sign messages throughout the year and the seasons? Want to test messages to find out which draws the most traffic? Select a SpellBrite Assortment Kit.

2. Want a specific custom message? Click on the Sign Builder to create and price your message.

3. Want a sign typically used in your industry? Choose from a selection of common sign messages organized by industry.

1Order a SpellBrite Assortment Kit

SpellBrite Assortment Kits offer varieties of letters, numbers and special characters that will help you interchange your say your way, anytime you choose. It’s a great way to stay highly flexible, fresh, and top of mind in your competitive marketplace!

2Create Your Custom Sign with Our Sign Builder

Have something in mind? Great. Just start typing in the Sign Builder field below, then follow the prompts to customize your layout and have the cost, including necessary accessories, conveniently calculated on the spot. So let’s get started. What do you want to spell today?

You can enter up to 20 letters per row with these characters: A-Z, 0-9, $, %, &, !, @, #, apostrophe, hyphen, question mark, period and space.
Click “Add a Row to This Sign“ to create a multi-row LED sign. Click a previous line to edit or delete it.
You can add more lines in the next step.

Please wait while your sign is created.

3Order Common Sign Messages by Industry

Want a generic message typical for your industry? No worries. Simply click on the “See Industries” button below, then select the industry of interest to see messages commonly used in that category. All sign messages come with everything you need to build, hang and power your sign. Don’t see your industry below? No problem, you can use Option 2 above to create your own customized sign message!
See Industries

Three More Reason To Buy!

With SpellBrite’s versatility and ease of use, we’re betting you’ll wonder how you ever did without it! And to better assure that, your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed. Which means the only thing you have to lose is more of the attention of all those customers at your window! 
Purchase any sign over $100 and we’ll pay for one of your letters ($20 value). On top of that, you’ll receive FREE SHIPPING on all USA orders over $200. It’s a great value for you no matter how you spell it!
Order any great SpellBrite product, and you’ll automatically be entered to win a comprehensive SpellBrite sales system of letters, numbers plus accessories—a $1,708.35 Value! Winner drawn quarterly. So order today, and enter to win! 

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