How Big Sammy’s Restaurant Attracts New Customers

Attracting new customers is critical to the survival and growth of any business, according to Sam Fallico of Big Sammy’s Hotdogs.  Even established businesses will fail without bringing in new customers, and Fallico says it can take six months or longer for new residents to patronize a business for the first time. 

“If I can constantly attract new customers to my restaurants, my outstanding food and service will turn them into regulars and my business grows,” he says.

Fallico, who is known as “Big Sammy” at his three locations – one in Elgin, IL and two in Elk Grove Village, IL – uses a variety of marketing and advertising approaches to promote his business and bring in new customers.  Fallico discovered that some strategies greatly outperform others, so he focusses all of his efforts on the top performers as well as programs that help his community in some way. 

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Sam Fallico, owner of Big Sammy's Hotdogs, and his SpellBrite Neon-LED sign “2 HOTDOGS FRIES & DRINK $6.25”

Fallico buys radio ads and monthly placements in Moneysaver and Save magazines.  He also partners with local charity and nonprofit organizations to host fundraisers and community events. 

Fallico, who opened his doors in 1996, finds little value in other marketing strategies such as Groupon.  “They want to take around 20% and they have all the control.  It’s a bad deal,” he says.  “Plus, it brings in cheap customers that are always looking for the lowest price.  I don’t want that.”

Fallico discovered that one of his most effective tools for attracting more customers is also the most cost effective – his SpellBrite Neon-LED sign that says “2 HOTDOGS FRIES & DRINK $6.25”.  He hung his SpellBrite custom Neon-LED sign in his front window in the hopes of drawing customers from the busy streets surrounding his business, and it worked!

“SpellBrite definitely attracts a lot of attention.  People even stop their car right in front of my business, read my sign, park, and come in asking for my hotdog combo.  It’s so bright,” he says, “you can see it all day and night from across the parking lot to the street”.

Fallico was one of the first businesses in his community to buy a SpellBrite sign and he’s glad he did.  “SpellBrite is a great value.  My sign cost me less than my monthly print advertising budget, and I will use it for years and years.”  After testing his SpellBrite sign at his Elgin restaurant, he quickly bought signs for his other two locations.

Compared to neon, SpellBrite is super bright, energy efficient and safer around my customers and employees,” he said.  “Most importantly, I can change my custom message any time.  In fact, I’ve changed the pricing on my sign twice already.  You can’t do that with neon signs!”

Big Sammy's Hotdogs:

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