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Multi-Row Sign vs. Multiple Signs:
A multi-row sign includes accessories to power and hang the sign rows directly below each other. Often one power supply will power multiple rows using row-to-row jumper cables. If you want multiple signs to place in different areas or windows, but order a multi-row sign, you will likely not have enough power supplies. To ensure the appropriate accessory and power supply configuration, create each sign individually and add them to your shopping cart separately.

Each sign row is 6.25” high. We typically hang multi-rows signs together with hooks and hangs tabs which results in 2.5” between each row, but, as long as the cords reach, you can vary the distance between rows as desired.

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Affordable Custom LED Neon Signs for Businesses

Save time and money while increasing your business’s visibility with SpellBrite custom signs. Simply type in your desired message, including special characters like dollar signs, hashtags and exclamation points. You can make multi-row signs or create a sign for each window or area of your shop – all come with the accessories necessary to hang and power them. Plus, it’s important to keep in mind that SpellBrite custom signs are flexible: you can disassemble your sign and rearrange the letters in a new configuration any time to create thousands of different sign messages! Whether you’re announcing price promotions, rotating seasonal offerings, or using signage to increase sales in other ways, our custom LED signs deliver.

Risk-Free Custom LED Signs

SpellBrite lets you build a sign that elevates your sales at a low risk to you. With our 30-day risk-free trial, you can see how bright and effective your custom LED signs are first-hand. If you’re not delighted with how these lightweight and inexpensive custom LED neon signs draw in foot traffic, we’ll refund your full purchase price, and even pay the cost of return shipping. Custom signage is available to ship the next business day so you can see results fast.

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