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Can’t Do That With Neon!

Merchants Eager for iLight’s Portable SpellBrite® LED Signage System and Battery Pack

 “The original SpellBrite sign we hung in our restaurant window raised our lunch sales by over 20%.  Making SpellBrite portable will help us sell even more.”

 Chicago, IL – June 4, 2015:  Merchants from a cross-section of industries who witnessed increased sales as a result of SpellBrite’s window signage system are eager to purchase SpellBrite’s new portable signage system and battery-pack, it was announced today by iLight President Sean Callahan.  “Business owners in industries as diverse as food service, automotive, convenience, and even face painting were so pleased with the 10-30% increase in sales from our original SpellBrite signage system that when they heard iLight was creating a portable SpellBrite system with a battery-pack, they jumped at the opportunity to add it to their marketing plans.  As a result we began a Kickstarter campaign to fund the battery-pack and it has already surpassed our financial goal.”

SpellBrite’s Kickstarter campaign was originally scheduled for 45 days with a goal of $45,000.  However, because of the investment already made in the project plus the addition of a supplier that will amortize much of the fixed costs, iLight was able to reduce the Kickstarter goal to only $2,500. Since the financial goal of a Kickstarter campaign cannot be altered once active, iLight closed its original campaign and began a brand-new 30-day campaign on May 22, 2015. With 2/3 of the campaign remaining, the $2,500 goal has already been nearly doubled. (

Shaun Kanchwala of Taylor Street Pizza in Carpentersville, IL is a prime example of a business owner who is interested in SpellBrite’s new portable system because of the increased profits his business earned as a result of advertising with SpellBrite’s original signage system.  In 2014, Kanchwala faced unexpected increased costs and was forced to consider a group of difficult choices:  use cheaper ingredients, accept reduced profits, or increase prices and risk losing customers.  “If you think about it, I really had no alternative,” said Kanchwala. “Lower food quality and you are sure to lose customers. Continually accept reduced profits and you go out of business. I had to raise prices, but I also had to do it in a way that would minimize customer defections.”

Kanchwala raised his prices but simultaneously added SpellBrite’s signage system to his windows to advertise his specials.  The result?  Not only did unit sales not drop, his sales revenue increased over 20%.  The increased sales made a believer out of Kanchwala, and now he plans to use SpellBrite’s portable system to further market his business.  “We are excited about the new SpellBrite portable battery pack option.  Now we can hang an ultra-bright SpellBrite sign in our Taylor Street Pizza booth at local fairs and festivals.  With SpellBrite, our special combo offers are sure to stand out and generate more sales.”

SpellBrite’s portable system allows individuals and businesses to express themselves using an environmentally-friendly “click-together” set of LED battery-operated characters that has the striking, bright look of neon without the dangers and risks inherent with glass neon construction.  SpellBrite’s 44 letters, numbers and characters are interchangeable, allowing anyone to create an ultra-bright message that can be changed at any time. SpellBrite signs are lightweight and durable – a typical 10 character sign weighs less than 3 pounds.  With a battery pack, the user can take a SpellBrite sign virtually anywhere: parties, sporting events, rallies, parades, concerts, tailgating, and more.

SpellBrite was born from the technology developed by Optiva Technologies, a pioneer and leader in innovative LED illumination solutions. Founded in 1999, the company’s award-winning legacy of exceptional lighting products are known for their high brightness and smooth even glow.  The company currently holds more than 100 patents in the U.S. and international markets.  SpellBrite was introduced in 2012. Retailers and restaurant owners quickly grasped the benefits of the signage system; SpellBrite was named a Retailer Top Pick at the 2012 NACS trade show and Best New Product at the 2012 ISA International Sign Expo.  In 2013 iLight received the Chicago Innovation Award for SpellBrite.






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Why do Business Owners Love SpellBrite?

  • Increases Sales: A bright sign grabs customers and pulls them in.
  • Pays for Itself: Many customers tell us their SpellBrite sign paid for itself within a few weeks or months.
  • Has a Full Money-Back Guarantee: If your SpellBrite sign doesn’t increase your sales or if you decide you don’t want it for any reason, return it within 30 days for a full and prompt refund... and we’ll even pay for the return shipping.
  • Is Affordably Priced: Folks in the sign industry and customers regularly tell us that SpellBrite’s pricing is very affordable. This is especially so when compared with other marketing vehicles such as monthly mailings.
  • Can Change Your Sign Any Time: With SpellBrite click-together letters, you can change your message any time you like. Highlight your key offerings, rotate specials, promote seasonal items, and test promotions – see what draws in the most customers.

Attract More Customers with SpellBrite

  • Ultra-Bright: Day or night, SpellBrite’s ultra-bright signs grab the attention of your prospective customers.
  • Striking Impact of Neon: Using LEDs and our proprietary technology, we create a crisp, bright line of light that has the striking impact of neon, but without the safety and maintenance hassles. That's right, SpellBrite looks like neon, but uses LEDs.
  • Flexibility of Print: SpellBrite’s click-together design enables you to make any sign message and change it any time.  And assembling is easy, many customers say it’s like putting together Legos.
  • Eye-Catching Animations: Each row can be set to flash, pulse or static – there are 8 animation options.
  • Dimming: Each row can be dimmed independently, with 6 settings from ultra-bright to night-light dim.
  • Three Display Options: You can hang your SpellBrite sign from chains, rest it on a flat surface, or mount it to a wall.
  • Easy to Use: Assembling your sign, disassembling it, and assembling a new sign is easy; many customers say it’s like putting together Legos. Its power supply is a typical wall plug power supply.
  • Indoor Rated: SpellBrite is rated and warrantied for indoor use. Although some customers use SpellBrite outdoors, we do not approve of it for outdoor use.
  • Red, White, Blue or Green: You can now get Red, White or Green SpellBrite!
  • Durable: Its LEDs and impact resistant lens and housing make SpellBrite a very durable product.
  • The Right Size: SpellBrite characters are 6.25 inches tall, and turned on at full brightness, they scream.
  • Big Savings: You can save 50% or more compared to a similar neon sign.
  • Get It Fast: We ship your order the next business day.
  • LED Technology: SpellBrite signs use Ultra-bright Red LEDs and are low voltage, durable and cool to the touch.
  • Years of Value: With its changeability and long life LEDs, your sign will attract customers for years to come.

SpellBrite is one of the most impactful and cost effective marketing communication tools you can use to increase your sales. Get your SpellBrite sign today!

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3 Ways to Buy SpellBrite

SpellBrite is $22 per letter plus end cap set ($22), power supply ($11-$22) and accessories, if any. The end cap has the power input, on/off switch and controls the dimming and animations.

Buy SpellBrite in the way that works best for you:

1Buy a Custom Sign

Want a specific custom message? Great. Just type what you want in the Sign Builder above. It will show you the dimensions as you type. When you click the “Price This Sign >” button, it will configure all the components (characters, power supplies, end caps, etc.) you need and price the sign for you.

2Buy a Generic Sign Message for your Industry

Want a sign typically used in your industry? Choose from a selection of generic sign messages organized by industry. All sign messages come with everything you need to build, hang and power your sign. Don’t see your industry or the sign you want? No problem, use the sign builder discussed in option 1 to create your own customized sign message!

3Buy a SpellBrite Multi-Character Kit or Create Your Own Kit

Want to rotate sign messages throughout the year or the seasons? Want to test messages to find out which draws the most traffic and sales? Select a SpellBrite Multi-Character Kits or Create Your Own Kit.

SpellBrite Multi-Character Kits offer varieties of letters, numbers and special characters that will enable you to change your sign any time. It’s a great way to stay highly flexible, fresh, and top of mind in your competitive marketplace! Or create your own kit by simply buying the individual letters, numbers, special characters, and accessories in the quantities you want.

Not sure what accessories you need for a sign? Type your message into the sign builder, click the “Price This Sign” button, then click on "Sign Details +" when the price comes up to see all components needed for that sign.

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