Make Custom Signs with Neon-like LED Sign Accessories

With SpellBrite accessories along with interchangeable LED numbers and other characters you can make any custom sign message you like. The signs look like neon, but you can change them any time. (To illuminate, SpellBrite signs need a power supply and an end cap set). Available accessories are listed below).

You can also type in your desired sign at Create Yours and the system will calculate and include the necessary end caps, power supplies and accessories.
  • Hang Tab

    Hang Tab – 10-Pack

  • End Cap Kit

    End Cap Kit with Hanging Chains and Hooks

  • Center Support Kit

    Center Support Kit

  • Remote Control to turn on or off power

    Remote Control Package

  • 2 foot jumper cable

    Jumper Cable – 2 Feet

  • 10 foot extension cable

    Extension Cable – 10 Feet

  • 3 Amp Power Supply

    Power Supply – 3 Amp / 12 Volts

  • 1 Amp Power Supply

    Power Supply – 1 Amp / 12 Volts

  • Car Adapter

    Car Adapter

  • Battery Pack

  • CUSTOM LED SIGNS illuminated LED sign that is an alternative to neon signage for your business


    30.5"W x 15.0"H x 1.5"D


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