Better Than Neon

SpellBrite LED letters provide the stopping power of illuminated neon signs, but with the flexibility, durability, energy efficiency, and ultra-bright qualities of LED technology. Plus, unlike neon signs, you can customize a SpellBrite sign and change it as needed. And did we mention it can be half the cost of neon? What's better than that?


SpellBrite is Convenient

SpellBrite LED letters click together so quickly, you could build an entire sign in just a few minutes. Installation is a breeze too. Simply hang it from chains, screw it into the wall or rest it on a countertop – no electrician or carpenter required. Want to use your SpellBrite sign in a food truck or at a trade show? Plug it into your 12V vehicle using our 12V Car Adapter.

SpellBrite is Adaptable

Modular letters mean that a SpellBrite message can be easily changed. Raise your prices? Change your sign! New product or menu item on sale? Change your sign! And your sign can be near customers without causing a safety hazard. Not so with neon!


SpellBrite Shines

Many neon signs wash out in direct sunlight, but SpellBrite is highly visible, day or night, because of its colored lenses and ultra-bright LEDs. SpellBrite’s see-through design lets you see out and your customers see in, which increases your store’s visibility and increases your safety. Most neon signs have a dark backing that blocks the windows, eliminating visibility for you and your customers.


SpellBrite is Energy-Efficient

Compared to a neon sign, our letters use up to 70% less energy. 22 SpellBrite letters use less energy than a 40-watt light bulb. And each SpellBrite row has an independent on-board animation control that lets you pulse or flash your sign to draw attention. You can even dim letters for interior use while the ones in the window stay bright. Not so with neon!

SpellBrite is Safer

SpellBrite is low voltage and low risk compared to neon. The voltage of neon signs typically runs in the 9,000-12,000 range and can run up to 15,000 volts. Plus, neon tubes are made of glass and the potential for breakage puts employees, customers, window washers and property at risk. You can clean SpellBrite with a cloth without fear of breakage. In addition, most neon signs contain mercury, which is restricted or outlawed in many places.

SpellBrite Lasts

LEDs put out a lot of light while using little energy, and ours are housed in impact-resistant acrylic and ABS plastic, so there’s little chance of accidental breakage. Neon? Not so much.


SpellBrite is Low-Cost

Quote your sign and see for yourself. You’ll find that your custom SpellBrite sign can cost up to 50% less than a custom neon sign. Better yet, the savings continue to grow past the initial purchase because SpellBrite uses up to 70% less energy. And if neon breaks, you have to send the entire sign out for repair. On-site neon repair visits may cost more than a whole new neon sign. But if you damage a SpellBrite letter, simply order a new letter (not the whole sign) and swap it out yourself. It’s quick, easy and, best of all, affordable.

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