Your Name In Lights

Now there’s an affordable way to have your name in lights – or the name of your son or daughter, your favorite sports team, fraternity or sorority, club or organization. SpellBrite signage is for people who love being in the spotlight or love turning on the fun for any occasion. SpellBrite your next birthday or graduation party, group gathering, holiday or sports event and see the fun light up.

Bright Ideas

In a word? Flexible. Switch out Happy Birthday for Happy Graduation in a flash. SpellBrite letters easily click together, so you can make any type of sign you want, then switch out the letters or words as needed. Plus with SpellBrite’s car adapter, you can support your favorite team at the stadium or tailgating event, light up the family reunion at the park, stand out on your boat, or brighten up the car show. SpellBrite’s LED technology is not only ultra-bright; it’s the smart alternative to neon. It’s safer, more durable, and more energy-efficient than neon – but can cost half the price.

Spell Anything

Spell anything and change it any time. That’s the intelligent beauty of SpellBrite interchangeable letters. Its lightweight, easy-mount design lets you position it virtually anywhere and move it any time. Plus the dimming and animation effects add maximum attention-grabbing impact. From “Manny’s Room” to “Man Cave,” from “Rent,” the musical, to rooms “For Rent,” you can customize the ultra-bright message for just the right person or event.

Endless Spellabilities

The possibilities for SpellBrite signs literally run the gamut from A to Z. See for yourself what fun-loving customers have to say about SpellBrite interchangeable signage for their customized gifts, parties, special gatherings, sports and theater events, or just for themselves.

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My Goodness, they pay for themselves within the first week and a half.

Patrick Cunningham, Owner, Pizza Bella – Dallas, PA

Once we put up the first SpellBrite sign, the exposure just went off the charts. Within a week, it literally paid for itself.

Steve Scaglione, Owner, Maurizio’s Pizza & Sports Bar, St. Louis, MO

Promoting the ‘cash in a flash program’ with my SpellBrite sign helped me achieve a 53% fee increase over the prior year.

Ralph Guisti, Franchisee, Liberty Tax, Belchertown, MA

My sign paid for itself in 2 weeks, and it will last me for years and years. What a great return on investment!

GM Kazim, Agent, State Farm Insurance, Elgin, IL

SpellBrite definitely attracts a lot of attention. People even stop their car right in front of my business, read my sign, park, and come in asking for my hotdog combo. It’s so bright, you can see it all day and night from across the parking lot to the street. 

Sam Fallico, Owner, Big Sammy’s Hotdogs, Elk Grove Village, IL

SpellBrite is the perfect solution! We change our signs as we change our promotions. We have signs in five stores and we are looking to add SpellBrite signs to all of our other locations.

Mike Formica, Operations Manager, Ace Hardware, Libertyville, IL

Our cake sales jumped from 1 per day to 3-4 per day after hanging our SpellBrite ORDER YOUR CAKE TODAY sign. We love our SpellBrite sign!

Ashleigh & Gene Young, Franchisees, Dairy Queen, Albany, OR

They’re very effective and bright. Compared to neon or DOT LEDs, these look much more refined and professional.

Gary Ainsworth, Franchisee, Metal Supermarkets, Woburn, MA

A bright sign with a compelling message really does pull in more customers.

Shawn Kanchwala, Owner, Taylor Street Pizza, Carpentersville, IL

Everyone who has seen it loves it!

Paul, Home Theater Installation, Ridgefield, CT

Our sales jumped after installing our SpellBrite ALL DAY BREAKFAST sign. You can’t miss the sign and it paid for itself almost immediately. Every McDonald’s location should have a SpellBrite sign.

Griselda Sanchez, Franchisee Director of Operations, Wheeling, IL

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