SpellBrite Grabs Customers & Pulls Them In.

Your competitors are using this new click-together sign system to increase their sales. Shouldn’t you?

Does a bright sign with a valuable message increase sales? Most business owners think so.  That's why you use an illuminated, not printed, OPEN sign. So shouldn’t you use illuminated signs to communicate your other key messages?


SpellBrite's click-together sign system is highly effective at increasing foot traffic and sales because it enables you to: • Grab Attention. Day or night, SpellBrite’s ultra-bright signs grab the attention of your prospective customers. • Pull Customers In. Its click-together design allows you to test messages, rotate specials and change promotions to find those most compelling to customers – the messages and offers that pull in the most foot traffic and sales. • Get Incredible Value. Compared to the cost of competitive marketing tools (coupons, mailers, neon signs, LED display boards, etc.) SpellBrite is an excellent value.

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Restaurateurs worldwide have used SpellBrite to increase their sales 10% to 30% and more. Here’s how:

Your products, services, specials and promotions may be fantastic, but if your target customers don’t know about them, you won’t get their sales. Use SpellBrite to get the word out. SpellBrite is extremely effective at communicating your message: (a) it grabs the attention of your prospective customers and (b) its click-together flexibility allows you to test messages and change promotions to find those most compelling to customers. More on SpellBrite: Attention Grabber: Bright, illuminated signs, like SpellBrite, attract more customers – the human eye is drawn to light 5 to 6 times the ambient level. For over 100 years, bright signs have proven to be very effective at drawing customers. Superior Performance: Printed signs lack impact during the day and fade away at night. Print softly asks for attention, while SpellBrite grabs it. Neon Look: SpellBrite signs look like neon signs, but have all the benefits of LEDs – the light from the individual LEDs is diffused into a smooth, bright line of light. Quick Payback: SpellBrite signs have paid for themselves in a matter of days or weeks. Years of Value: With its changeability and LEDs rated for 80,000 hours, your sign will attract customers for years to come.

Key Differentiators:

Unmatched Flexibility: You can build any sign message and change it any time. Excellent Value: Compared to competitive marketing tools such as coupons, mailers, neon signs, and LED display boards, SpellBrite is an excellent value. Eye-Catching Animations: Each row can be set to flash, pulse or static – there are 8 animation options. Big Savings: You can save 50% or more compared to a similar neon sign. Dimming: Each row can be dimmed independently, with 6 settings from ultra-bright to night-light dim. LED Technology: SpellBrite signs use LEDs and are low voltage, durable and cool to the touch. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back: If you are unhappy with your SpellBrite sign for any reason, return it within 30 days for a full refund, and we’ll even pay for the return shipping. SpellBrite is one of the most impactful and cost effective marketing communication tools you can use to increase sales. Don’t keep missing out on sales – build and buy your SpellBrite sign today.


LED Rating: 80,000 hours (9+ Years if on 24/7)
Color: Ultra-bright red only (For reasons of physics, as distance increases, red light is more visible than any other color – visibility is key for a sign to be effective)
Animation: Yes: 3 speeds of flashing, 3 speeds of pulsing, a mini-pulse, and static
Dimmable: Yes: 6 settings, from ultra-bright to nightlight dim
Characters Available: A-Z, 0-9, $, %, &, !, apostrophe, hyphen, period, space
Power: Use available 12V 1A or 12V 3A wall outlet plug or 12V battery pack
Remote Control: Yes, with optional remote outlet
Listing: UL, cUL, indoor use only
Height: 6 ¼” per row (Based on our extensive research, the optimal height for most businesses)
Depth: 1 ½” (No other signs take such little space)
Width: Varies by sign message (“Create A Sign” function on SpellBrite.com will calculate the width of your message)
Weight: Very light! Average character is just 0.25 lbs (A two-row, 20-piece sign weighs an incredibly low 5 lbs!)

 SpellBrite is Proven in the Field

And Many Customers Enthusiastically Endorse SpellBrite

“Once we put the first SpellBrite, the exposure just went off the charts. Within a week, it literally paid for itself.” Read more.
  Steve Scaglione, Owner
  Maurizio's Pizza & Sports Bar
  The Voce Banquet Facility
St. Louis, MO
“SpellBrite definitely attracts a lot of attention. People even stop their car right in front of my business, read my sign, park, and come in asking for my hotdog combo. It’s so bright, you can see it all day and night from across the parking lot to the street”. Read more.
  Sam Fallico, Owner
  Big Sammy’s Hotdogs
Elk Grove Village, IL
“A bright sign with a compelling message really does pull in more customers! The sign paid for itself within weeks. We will definitely buy SpellBrite signs for all 10 of our stores.” Read more.
  Shaun Kanchwala
  Taylor Street Pizza
  Carpentersville, IL

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

by the President of SpellBrite LED Signs

I think SpellBrite is a fantastic product and can help your business. But don’t take my word for it. You can decide for yourself at no risk to you because of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Here’s how:
  1. Use the "Create A Sign" function on our website to build your custom message. This will show you a scale image of your sign, dimensions, and exact pricing.
  2. Put the sign in your cart and purchase it. We will ship it out the next business day.
  3. Put the sign up. No sign company or electrician is needed, do it yourself or hire a handyman.
  4. Watch your foot traffic and sales increase. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If your sales do not increase as much as you would like or if SpellBrite does not meet your expectations for any reason, return it within 30 days for a full and prompt refund. We’ll even pay for the return shipping. That’s how confident we are that you will love SpellBrite!
  5. Order a lot more SpellBrite signs – most customers do!
Stop losing sales. Use SpellBrite to grab customers and pull them in!  The sooner you put your SpellBrite sign up, the sooner you’ll see the additional sales. Sincerely, Sean Callahan President SpellBrite LED Signs 242 N York St Suite 503 Elmhurst, IL 60126 (312) 575-9620 [email protected]
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