"Promoting the ‘cash in a flash program’ with my SpellBrite sign helped me achieve a 53% fee increase over the prior year."
- Ralph Guisti, Franchisee, Amherst, MA

Why are so many Liberty Tax® Franchisees using SpellBrite signs?

Because SpellBrite signs increase sales.

Franchisees tell us that they started to attract new customers almost immediately upon installing their SpellBrite sign. And it only took a few new customers to pay for their sign.

There’s nothing else like SpellBrite. Its unique, click-together design allows you to make any sign message and change your message any time. Now you can attract more customers with ultra-bright, targeted messages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Available: Dual Sign Kits! Each kit contains all of the SpellBrite characters to make one of two messages. Now you can keep your messaging fresh and relevant by changing it. For example, use “GET $50 NOW WITH PAID TAX PREP” during the promotion period and change it to “WE FIX TAX PROBLEMS” for the rest of the year. Because the signs have overlapping letters, the dual sign kits are a fraction of the cost of buying each sign separately.

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