It is EASY to make or change a SpellBrite sign.

Use SpellBrite to Make Your Custom Sign!

SpellBrite is the ideal signage system for your business and personal use, because you can make any custom sign message you like and change it any time you want. How?  SpellBrite’s letters, numbers and symbols are modular and use a patented click-together system – every character can connect with every other character in any order.  SpellBrite is easy to assemble and change, and it has a crisp, clean, professional look.

SpellBrite uses ultra-bright LED and blends their light output into a smooth, bright line of light that looks like neon, but is brighter. But don’t worry, if is too bright for your use, just dim the light level with the dimmer button on the end cap of the sign.  For extra attention getting you can use one of seven animations of pulsing and flashing.

Since it uses LEDs, SpellBrite signs are more durable, use less energy, and are safer than a comparable neon sign, and the sign screams louder than a neon sign.

With its changeability and LEDs rated for up to 80,000 hours, your SpellBrite sign will attract attention for years to come.

Buy the custom sign you want, or purchase a SpellBrite Multi-Character Kits and change your message anytime to highlight your latest products and services, seasonal specials, or unique promotions.